Friday, February 27, 2015

5 on Friday!

Hey, hey! Finally back for another 5 on Friday! It's been awhile since I've done one of these. Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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ONE. We are moving in 2 weeks and have barely packed a thing. I like to think I do my best work under pressure. :) We are going to our new house this weekend and I'm going to be making a long list of things that we will need to buy for several projects that we already have in the works. :)
TWO. My dad is super crafty and he made me this blanket ladder. I can't wait to see it in our new house! I'll be sure to post pics.
THREE. I can't believe that my little man turns 8 months old next week. I am so behind on his monthly updates. It's on my to do list for this weekend though... hopefully I'll be caught up by Monday. :)
FOUR. My big girl. The twos are no joke. It reminds me of that sour patch kids commercial. Ha! She's mostly sweet though. And all adorable. And a funny/notsofunny story... The kids' bathtub drain had a tiny leak so hubs went under the house and replaced the drain. E stood in the bathroom and yelled down the drain to him the whole time, telling him what to do. Well.... next time bath night rolled around, she was terrified of the drain. She kept saying "I don't want to scoot down the drain!!" And now she cries through bath time. I guess she thought that's how daddy got under the house to fix it and it's a different drain than what she had before. So bath time is super fun now (not!). We cover the drain up but she still sits as far from it as possible and protests loudly. Oh toddlers. Good thing we are moving and getting away from that crazy drain! :)
FIVE. Snow. Snow. Snow. We've had a good bit of it lately and several snow days which resulted in losing two days of spring break now. Boo. I'm ready for flip flops and skirts!
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Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life update

It's been a lot longer than I had planned to go before updating this little blog of mine. I've been blogging off and on since 2007 and I plan to continue (hopefully a little more regularly). Life has been a little crazy lately. We sold our house. We move in 2 and a half weeks and basically nothing is packed. We are both excited and a little apprehensive. We will miss our yard more than anything... and the pool.  Oh the pool. Give me a minute to mourn leaving the pool...... K, thanks. Right now we have no backyard neighbors and a decent size yard. The house we are buying does have backyard neighbors but luckily they are friends of ours. :) We have just outgrown our current house... babies and toddlers have lots of things! Our love for the yard and the pool can't justify what the house is lacking right now. We need more space and a better layout. I'm excited that all of the bedrooms in our new house are on the second floor (away from the noise of the kitchen/family room/playroom) so that when I put our little man to bed at 6:30, we don't have to shush our toddler all evening. :) We are excited that the kids will have a playroom in our new house and that it has a finished basement. It's definitely going to be an adjustment though. We are home today (more snow) so I am hoping that we get a little more packing done.
I've missed writing on here... going through all of my old college stuff (yes, I saved basically every paper/notebook/project that I had from undergrad and grad school) made me realize how much I missed writing/blogging. I found lots of  journals from then and I loved looking back at all of the writing I did in college. I've still been writing just not online. Hopefully I will find some pockets of time between working, packing, cleaning, and shopping for our new house to keep this little home of mine on the web updated. :) I'll try to be back tomorrow for 5 on Friday... Also, I turn 30 on Saturday. Eeeeek. :) 
Here's a picture of my sweet babies to hold you over til tomorrow. Can you believe he turns 8 months next week? Hold me.