Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Pajamas!

Linking up with Julie from The Girl in the Red Shoes for the Christmas Pajama Party!
I love Emerie's Merry and Bright Christmas pajama's this year... I found them at Kohl's on sale and couldn't resist!
It's basically impossible to get a good picture of a 5 month old and a two and a half year old together.... I did the best I could. Emerie just wants to kiss Miles' head when she holds him so you can never see her face in the pictures. :) I hope she always feels this way about him.
Both kids will wear these pajamas well into the new year, although my handsome man is growing so fast, I'm not sure how long they will fit him! He's not even six months yet and they are 9 month PJ's.
They've even worn their PJ's to a friend's Gingerbread House/Pajama party. It was beyond adorable. Now I'm off to drink a gallon of coffee, head to Emerie's well visit at the pediatricians, and then do some grocery/Christmas shopping.... I'm wayyyy behind this year. Eeek! :)