Saturday, November 15, 2014


I have wanted to sit down and blog for a long time now but I haven't had a chance. My evenings are filled with trips to the store, making dinner, nursing Miles, finding something my picky toddler will eat, giving baths, washing pump parts and bottles, and packing lunches. By the time I finish all of that, I'm too exhausted to do anything else. Spending my day teaching Kindergarten and my evenings being a mom/wife doesn't leave a lot of free time. I wouldn't have it any other way though... okay, well maybe I'd be a stay at home mom if I could change something, but that can't happen so I wouldn't change anything else. :) I had kind of felt like life was in a waiting period.... aren't we all always waiting for something? Our waiting had been centered around worrying about what was happening to our dog, waiting for our house to sell, and waiting for a break from work. Life happens during the waiting though.
One thing I've learned through the last several weeks is that an attitude of gratitude goes a long way. I read Ann Voskamp's book and devotional a year or so ago, One Thousand Gifts, and I began to write down things that I am grateful for each day. Little things and big things. I found myself looking for the good in each day, rather than focusing on what's been stressful or wrong. I found myself appreciating things that we take for granted every day. A beautiful sunrise, dinner on the grill, hot coffee on the front porch, Emerie telling me she loves me. Those are things that filled my devotional. I often go back to it to read about the blessings in my life and to be reminded of funny/silly things Emerie said or did. I didn't keep up with it after I finished the devotional but I started my own gratitude journal recently where I just list the things that I see or things that happen throughout my day that I am grateful for.
I've also taken a break from Facebook this month so that I can focus on my family and not waste so much time on social media. I haven't missed it. I thought I would. I was on it constantly and I thought I would miss it but I really don't. I miss posting pics of my babies and seeing my friends pics, but most of the time my newsfeed was bombarded with articles and updates from aquantances and not my good friends/family.
So that's where we are in life right now. Learning to be grateful for what we have, cherishing the time we have with each other now, in every season of life.... through highs and lows. Our highs always out number the lows. :)

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