Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Miles: Month 4!

To my sweet handsome Miles,

You turned four months old on Nov. 5th so mommy is a little late in posting this but that's okay. You weighed 14 pounds 10 oz at your well visit and you were 25 inches long. Growing so fast. Slow down please. I love this age... you smile anytime someone looks at you. You have the cutest gummy grin.
Speaking of gummy grins... you chew and naw on everything. There must be some teeth on the horizon because you don't care what it is... if it's near you it goes in your mouth... your socks, toes, burp rags, toys, etc. You love it all.

You are still a champion nurser... and you still nurse pretty much every 2-3 hours when we are home together. I don't mind... I love the snuggles. You like to continue those snuggles at night too... you aren't so great at sleeping right now. You still sleep in the rock and play sleeper... we tried the pack and play but you were awake a zillion times that night. On average you are up 3-5 times a night which results in very little sleep for mommy. You used to only get up once or twice and mommy would get some long stretches of sleep but you hit that 4 month mark and decided you wanted to see me more often at night. When I get up in the morning and turn on the light and see your sweet smiling face, the exhaustion I felt during those night wakings goes away. Your sweet little face is worth every minute of lost sleep. After all, you'll only be this little once. So go ahead and keep me up at night... I'll take all of the sweet snuggles I can get.
(these pictures make me smile, you are already copying your big sister)
You are officially a roller. You can roll both ways pretty quickly now (though sometimes that arm gets in your way when going from back to belly). You love your sister so much.... she makes you laugh constantly and it's a beautiful sound. I wish I could bottle it up. When the two of you laugh together my heart feels like it could burst.
You wear six to nine month clothing and you are slowly getting a little more hair. You lost a lot of the hair you were born with and your Nonna started calling you Charlie Brown. Mommy still calls you punkin pie, punkin munkin pie, pumpkin and handsome. Emerie calls you all of those things too. She sounds like me when she talks to you too... she uses that adoring mommy voice that I use. Daddy calls you buck and so does Papa.

We all love you so much. I am looking forward to your first Thanksgiving and Christmas and getting to spend some extra time with you at home.

I cherish each and every moment with your sweet face. I love you so much sweet boy!


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