Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Emerie: 2 and a half years!

My sweet Emerie,

You are officially 2 and a half (as of Nov. 23) and I love the little girl you are turning into, though I desperately still want to call you a baby. You are such an awesome big sister to Miles. You dote on him constantly and alway ask to "kiss him up the head." He loves you so much.... most of his hysterical baby laughter happens when you are playing with him.
You have a huge vocabulary which makes you seem older than you really are. You love to play outside and have tea parties inside. You still love to read books (mommy's girl!) and Papa is still your favorite person to play with. You like Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Sofia, Doc McStuffins and Jake) and you say you look like a princess (which you do) everytime you get dressed up or wear new clothes. Your hair is still curly though as it gets longer it gets a little straighter because it's so fine. You aren't potty trained yet but you peed in the potty for the first time today!! Mommy was so excited, we high fived and blew bubbles in the house and I even gave you a little Sofia notebook to draw in. We are hoping that your success will continue and we can enter the new year (with you) diaper free!
You used to like to talk on the phone but now you don't and you always refuse to facetime/talk to your grandparents on the phone. You are doing much better at waiting your turn for things and sharing (though you still don't love to share). You always ask "who brought it?" every time you get or see something new... You notice the little things (that we take for granted) like the moon in the sky during the day and immediately want to know "who brought it?" Now you know that God brought the moon and made the whole world. When I ask you who Jesus is, you always say "Jesus saved me." and that's usually followed by "and Jesus saved mommy and daddy and Miles". So smart already sweet girl. Every night when we put you to bed and turn out the light, you say "I can't see white cat's eyes!" (your beloved stuffed animal) and it makes us laugh everytime... we remind you that you can't see his eyes because he's alseep, just like you are about to be.
You are a picky eater.... you live off of homemade mac and cheese, avocado, applesauce pouches, cottage cheese, pancakes, eggs, and chicken. And milkshakes. You love your milkshakes.
You are such a sweet little girl and we love you so much. You are such a blessing in our lives.
All my (our) love,

(top photo credit: Capturing Life's Little Moments Photography)

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