Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Emerie: 2 and a half years!

My sweet Emerie,

You are officially 2 and a half (as of Nov. 23) and I love the little girl you are turning into, though I desperately still want to call you a baby. You are such an awesome big sister to Miles. You dote on him constantly and alway ask to "kiss him up the head." He loves you so much.... most of his hysterical baby laughter happens when you are playing with him.
You have a huge vocabulary which makes you seem older than you really are. You love to play outside and have tea parties inside. You still love to read books (mommy's girl!) and Papa is still your favorite person to play with. You like Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Sofia, Doc McStuffins and Jake) and you say you look like a princess (which you do) everytime you get dressed up or wear new clothes. Your hair is still curly though as it gets longer it gets a little straighter because it's so fine. You aren't potty trained yet but you peed in the potty for the first time today!! Mommy was so excited, we high fived and blew bubbles in the house and I even gave you a little Sofia notebook to draw in. We are hoping that your success will continue and we can enter the new year (with you) diaper free!
You used to like to talk on the phone but now you don't and you always refuse to facetime/talk to your grandparents on the phone. You are doing much better at waiting your turn for things and sharing (though you still don't love to share). You always ask "who brought it?" every time you get or see something new... You notice the little things (that we take for granted) like the moon in the sky during the day and immediately want to know "who brought it?" Now you know that God brought the moon and made the whole world. When I ask you who Jesus is, you always say "Jesus saved me." and that's usually followed by "and Jesus saved mommy and daddy and Miles". So smart already sweet girl. Every night when we put you to bed and turn out the light, you say "I can't see white cat's eyes!" (your beloved stuffed animal) and it makes us laugh everytime... we remind you that you can't see his eyes because he's alseep, just like you are about to be.
You are a picky eater.... you live off of homemade mac and cheese, avocado, applesauce pouches, cottage cheese, pancakes, eggs, and chicken. And milkshakes. You love your milkshakes.
You are such a sweet little girl and we love you so much. You are such a blessing in our lives.
All my (our) love,

(top photo credit: Capturing Life's Little Moments Photography)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Miles: Month 4!

To my sweet handsome Miles,

You turned four months old on Nov. 5th so mommy is a little late in posting this but that's okay. You weighed 14 pounds 10 oz at your well visit and you were 25 inches long. Growing so fast. Slow down please. I love this age... you smile anytime someone looks at you. You have the cutest gummy grin.
Speaking of gummy grins... you chew and naw on everything. There must be some teeth on the horizon because you don't care what it is... if it's near you it goes in your mouth... your socks, toes, burp rags, toys, etc. You love it all.

You are still a champion nurser... and you still nurse pretty much every 2-3 hours when we are home together. I don't mind... I love the snuggles. You like to continue those snuggles at night too... you aren't so great at sleeping right now. You still sleep in the rock and play sleeper... we tried the pack and play but you were awake a zillion times that night. On average you are up 3-5 times a night which results in very little sleep for mommy. You used to only get up once or twice and mommy would get some long stretches of sleep but you hit that 4 month mark and decided you wanted to see me more often at night. When I get up in the morning and turn on the light and see your sweet smiling face, the exhaustion I felt during those night wakings goes away. Your sweet little face is worth every minute of lost sleep. After all, you'll only be this little once. So go ahead and keep me up at night... I'll take all of the sweet snuggles I can get.
(these pictures make me smile, you are already copying your big sister)
You are officially a roller. You can roll both ways pretty quickly now (though sometimes that arm gets in your way when going from back to belly). You love your sister so much.... she makes you laugh constantly and it's a beautiful sound. I wish I could bottle it up. When the two of you laugh together my heart feels like it could burst.
You wear six to nine month clothing and you are slowly getting a little more hair. You lost a lot of the hair you were born with and your Nonna started calling you Charlie Brown. Mommy still calls you punkin pie, punkin munkin pie, pumpkin and handsome. Emerie calls you all of those things too. She sounds like me when she talks to you too... she uses that adoring mommy voice that I use. Daddy calls you buck and so does Papa.

We all love you so much. I am looking forward to your first Thanksgiving and Christmas and getting to spend some extra time with you at home.

I cherish each and every moment with your sweet face. I love you so much sweet boy!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend has been a busy one. Saturday we braved the cold for family pictures (they were scheduled for two weeks ago but we lost our sweet dog Mason that day and had to reschedule). We almost didn't have them done at all this year. Too many things going on but I desperately wanted some pictures of our family of four, so yesterday we went to a Christmas tree farm and took pics. Our photographer is sending us a preview soon and I can't wait to see if any of them turned out. Emerie smiled in almost all of the pictures (thanks to a bribe promising her a milkshake). And of course, Miles... the kid who smiles every single time anyone even looks in his direction, didn't smile in a single one. He didn't fuss though so I'm hoping they turn out! After family pictures we ran by the house to get the side dish (crockpot cheesey hashbrown casserole) that I made for a dinner we were going to. Hubs' work friends decided to host a Thanksgiving meal so we took both kids and headed to their house (about 30 minutes away). Emerie had a blast. She played with the other (mostly elementary age) kids and didn't have any toddler melt downs. Miles did well too and we had a great time. It's nice to get out of the house and hang out with friends. :) We are going to a gingerbread house/pajama party at one of my friends houses in a few weeks! Emerie is going to love that... now I need to find her and Miles some cute holiday pajamas. :)
Hubs took Emerie to church on Sunday but I stayed home (even though I was dressed and ready to go) because Miles fell asleep and we didn't want to wake him. He is up a lot at night so we wanted him to catch up on some much needed sleep. The rest of our Sunday was spent cleaning the house, doing laundry, and getting some groceries. I'm so glad that we only have two days of work this week. I am ready for a break. Happy Monday!
Stay tuned for this cutie's 4 month update!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I have wanted to sit down and blog for a long time now but I haven't had a chance. My evenings are filled with trips to the store, making dinner, nursing Miles, finding something my picky toddler will eat, giving baths, washing pump parts and bottles, and packing lunches. By the time I finish all of that, I'm too exhausted to do anything else. Spending my day teaching Kindergarten and my evenings being a mom/wife doesn't leave a lot of free time. I wouldn't have it any other way though... okay, well maybe I'd be a stay at home mom if I could change something, but that can't happen so I wouldn't change anything else. :) I had kind of felt like life was in a waiting period.... aren't we all always waiting for something? Our waiting had been centered around worrying about what was happening to our dog, waiting for our house to sell, and waiting for a break from work. Life happens during the waiting though.
One thing I've learned through the last several weeks is that an attitude of gratitude goes a long way. I read Ann Voskamp's book and devotional a year or so ago, One Thousand Gifts, and I began to write down things that I am grateful for each day. Little things and big things. I found myself looking for the good in each day, rather than focusing on what's been stressful or wrong. I found myself appreciating things that we take for granted every day. A beautiful sunrise, dinner on the grill, hot coffee on the front porch, Emerie telling me she loves me. Those are things that filled my devotional. I often go back to it to read about the blessings in my life and to be reminded of funny/silly things Emerie said or did. I didn't keep up with it after I finished the devotional but I started my own gratitude journal recently where I just list the things that I see or things that happen throughout my day that I am grateful for.
I've also taken a break from Facebook this month so that I can focus on my family and not waste so much time on social media. I haven't missed it. I thought I would. I was on it constantly and I thought I would miss it but I really don't. I miss posting pics of my babies and seeing my friends pics, but most of the time my newsfeed was bombarded with articles and updates from aquantances and not my good friends/family.
So that's where we are in life right now. Learning to be grateful for what we have, cherishing the time we have with each other now, in every season of life.... through highs and lows. Our highs always out number the lows. :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Life Lately

My poor little blog has been a bit neglected lately. Life has been crazy.... our sweet little Miles is already 4 months (and has hit the 4 month sleep regression), Emerie is doing well and is constantly on the go and has her 2 and a half year well visit soon, and hubs and I have been on an emotional roller coaster. We had to say good bye to our sweet chocolate lab last weekend.... we had him for 8 years and miss him terribly. Emerie asks where he is and we have to tell her that he's with Jesus now. So so sad. I may do another post on him later, when the pain isn't so fresh.
In other news, our house is still for sale and we've had some interest this past week. We had a repeat showing and the couple is considering making us an offer. We are still praying that God will work things out... we haven't found a house that we want yet so I am hoping the timing of it all will work out.
I have so much to catch up on but it's time to head to work... I'll work on gathering my thoughts this weekend and scheduling some posts for next week (with lots of pictures)!