Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Fun

This weekend was one of those feel good weekends. Friday evening we went to an old friend's house and met their baby for the first time. I caught up with a girl that I went to elementary school with... my best friend from 2nd grade. Small world. We carved pumpkins and hung out for a short while (it was past the kiddos bed times, but they were very well behaved). After a rainy week, we were welcomed with sunshine on Saturday so we decided to head to an apple orchard that was about 40 minutes from our house. They were having a harvest fest and it was a gorgeous day.
 My sister was on her way home and was driving past the orchard so she stopped and hung out with us for awhile. Emerie enjoyed the bounce house and a hay ride, and she sampled the brunswick stew and apple cider. Miles pretty much slept the entire time... I wore him in my Beco Gemini almost the whole time we were there.
On Sunday we went out to hubs' mom's house and hung out with family for awhile... hubs' cousin from Oklahoma surprised everyone by stopping by (he is working in West VA this week so he was close enough to come for a visit). We finished off the weekend with a little cleaning, some Pasta E. Fagioli in the crockpot, and baby belly laughs (the best!!). Hope your weekend was as happy as mine was. :)

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K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Nothing like a weekend of family and friends!