Monday, July 28, 2014

The struggle is real: Breastfeeding with an Oversupply

I would apologize for my lack of posts the past three weeks but a brand new baby is a good excuse. I've been soaking up every minute of his sweet little baby smell. Miles is a good baby and his sister loves him something fierce. She hardly gives him a moments rest... kissing his head, his toes, and rubbing his hair is all she wants to do... and she wants to do it the moment he falls asleep. But with those cute little cheeks, I can't blame her... I kiss him all day long too!
We've all had our ups and downs and having two kids is definitely an adjustment (I'll save that for another post!). Breastfeeding has been the biggest stress for me this time around. He has an excellent latch so things seemed to go very smoothly at the hospital. But when my milk came in things started to get a little rocky. I have been battling an oversupply and forceful let down which has led to Miles choking and gagging. It's also led to lots of foremilk which is more acidic and now he has reflux. He gets very uncomfortable after nursing (sometimes, not always) and cries and spits up and he usually throws up at least once a day (in addition to spitting up after every feeding). The hardest thing for me is seeing and hearing him choke. It scares me to death! It had gotten to the point where I dreaded feeding him because I didn't want him choking or throwing up. Things have gotten a little better the past few days though. My engorgement is gone and I've been experimenting with different nursing positions and find that he does better nursing when he's sitting upright. We made it through last night with no major choking and no throwing up! That's an answered prayer. His nose is stuffy this morning which also makes it difficult to breathe when nursing so I'm hoping that goes away soon. I feel like we might be turning a corner and things might be getting better in the nursing department. I'll continue to pray about it. Someone (a family member) has already suggested that I stop nursing and put him on anti-reflux formula. I really feel like breast milk is best for him and so does the doctor. As stressful as it has been, I am determined to work through these issues with the help of the doctor, lactation consultant and the power of prayer. I know that for many people the struggle is not producing enough milk, but producing too much milk is a problem as well. If there is anyone else out there who is struggling with an oversupply/forceful let down, block nursing has helped reduce my supply a little bit and having Miles nurse in the football hold position sitting upright has helped him handle the flow a little better.
Okay, that's all for now... I'm off to kiss these cute little toes!


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I seriously dislike how quick people are to suggest that we stop breastfeeding as soon as we hit a snag. There issues that come with formula feeding too. At the end of the day, these issues often times work out with a few tweaks.

I am glad that breastfeeding is going better. I had oversupply with my second and we got through it. Hang in there and continue to pray about it.

Rachel said...

A little late in commenting, BUT as a fellow oversupply mom, I so understand how stressful and hard it can be! I had a big OS with M for the first few weeks. I also did some block feeding, and while it was painful, it helped a LOT! I would also suggest you let down into a towel/cloth and then pop him back on once the initial letdown is done. This helped her have an easier feeding and way less reflux when I did this.

I hope things have gotten better since you wrote this post!