Friday, July 4, 2014

Mommy Daughter Date!

Well our little guy has decided to take his time and is a little late. I have been trying to stay busy and I know how precious these last days with Emerie being an only child are so I decided that yesterday we would go on a mommy daughter date. We went to a city about a half hour away from ours and I decided that our first stop would be Chick-Fil-A because it was close to lunch time and Emerie would most likely be the best behaved at our first stop. CFA was really crowded and we had to wait in line which worried me a little, I am hugely pregnant and she's a toddler who can occasionally throw a tantrum. Normally hubs is with us so I have reinforcement if she gets antsy but it was just Emerie and I and thankfully she was very well behaved! We sat down and enjoyed our lunch and then I decided that rather than wait in line again we would get in the car and swing through the drive thru for a small vanilla shake to share. After I got our milkshake, we headed towards a really amazing park. I've been wanting to take her to this park for a long time now so I was excited that we finally had the opportunity to go. It was pretty hot so I knew we wouldn't stay long but when we got there I loaded her up with sunscreen, gave her some milkshake, and let her explore. She had an amazing time!
She loved the playground and it had lots of age appropriate equipment for a 2 year old. She went down slides and climbed through tunnels and even had me going down a few slides (now that was a sight!). It was precious because she made us hold hands the whole way down.
She had a melt down when I decided it was too hot and that it was time to go. She fought me pretty hard the whole way to the car and then she spilled the milkshake in her lap in her carseat while I was strapping her in. By that time I was ready to head home but we had one more stop at a store to make. She recovered from her melt down (and so did I after a few minutes in the car with the air conditioner on full blast!) and was exclaiming how "bootiful" Costco was when we went inside. Ha! So adorable. We had a great day together. I'm glad that I got to spend that alone time with her before her brother gets here. She's such a sweet and smart little girl. I love her more than words can express!

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