Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Fun

Yesterday was an awesome day. Church was awesome.... our Pastor preached on prayer and dedicating your life completely to Christ (and he geared the sermon towards the men since it was Father's Day). When he did the alter call near the end of the service he invited those men who wanted to dedicate their lives wholly to Christ to come up.... probably 75% of the men in the first service went up front and knelt down to pray. I cried like a baby. I tried so hard to hold it in because I don't like to cry in front of others, but as I looked around and saw other women doing the same, I could no longer control my emotions (thanks in part to pregnancy hormones!). It was an awesome moment. Now that I've used the word awesome a million times in this post, lets move on to the next part of the day. :)
After church we had a cookout at our house (due largely in part to having a pool, we end up hosting most cookouts during the summer). Both sides of our families came (except two of my sisters and their families, they were out of town or had to work and couldn't make it) and we had lots of yummy food, some swimming, and a horseshoe tournament.
 (watching everyone play horseshoes)
Emerie loves being in the pool. When she wasn't in the pool, she was playing in the water spigot. She is such a little water bug. 
We had a great time... I am so blessed to have such a wonderful father and a husband who is a wonderful father to Emerie and our soon to be son! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend. :)

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