Friday, June 13, 2014

Catching Up

I took an unexpected break from blogging this week.... now that school's out for the summer I thought I would have more time to blog but I've had a busy week! I'm skipping 5 on Friday this week and will just do a little catch up post. Hopefully I'll be able to blog more this week.
The school year wrapped up last Tuesday with our last teacher work day. I am so excited to be home for the summer and am so blessed to have my husband home for the summer as well. I know most people don't get to spend their summer days with their whole family, but hubs is a teacher so we are off together. This was especially wonderful when I had Emerie at the end of May two years ago and he was off all summer to help me figure out this mom thing. I'm really glad he will be with me all summer as I try to figure out this mom of two thing!. I can't believe our second little love is (hopefully) going to arrive in two and a half weeks! We've been busy preparing our home for his arrival. I've spent lots of time cleaning out the guest room, which is now the new nursery... the tricky part is trying to find a place to store all of the stuff we were storing in the guest room!
Aside from trying to get everything ready for our sweet boy (no, I still haven't packed a hospital bag), we've been doing fun summer things with Emerie. She's swam in the pool once (we're hoping to get her back in today, it's been stormy off and on this week), played at her water table, went on a million wagon rides, rode her tricycle, drew with sidewalk chalk, eaten at Red Lobster (thank you parent of a student for the gift card!) and Chick-Fil-A, and went to a play date at church and played on the playground. Hubs and I are still attending life group at church during the week. We usually drop Emerie off at my parents house but they couldn't watch her this week so we used the child care at the church and Emerie did a great job!
I'm learning a lot about being content in life and will hopefully blog about that in the upcoming week. I also hope to post another bump date (which could be my last one!?) but the only photo I have of my belly right now was from when I went swimming in our pool this week and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to post that one! :) I'm too lazy to transfer the pictures from my camera to the computer this morning so I apologize that this a picture-less post!
Have an awesome  Father's Day weekend! We are hosting a family cook-out at our house (we host almost all of the cook-outs during the summer because of our pool!). I am blessed with the best dad and can't wait to celebrate him this weekend. I am also super blessed by my husband who is a wonderful father to Emerie and I can't wait to see him become dad again to our little man!

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