Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Almost Perfect House

This has been a week of big decisions and a lot of waiting. As I've mentioned, we are selling our house. We haven't had much luck so far but we hadn't found anything that we wanted to buy so we didn't feel too pressured or anxious to sell. On Friday we looked at a house that we both loved. It was the perfect size and the perfect layout with everything that we were looking for in our next home.... almost. A fenced yard was something that we hoped to find but it wasn't a deal breaker. We could easily fence in a yard. But this house didn't have much of a yard. It had a nice front yard and the back yard had several big pine trees, Bradford pear trees, and even a large weeping willow, but it was small. Really small. The trees took up most of the yard and it wasn't very level. We discussed it a lot over the weekend because we really thought we should make them an offer and put a contract on the house. We decided we needed to see it again because the size of the yard was still bugging us. We went to see it again this afternoon and were still disappointed by the yard. The house was perfect. It had everything we needed and was in move in condition. It was also in a great neighborhood in a wonderful school district at the right price. Our realtor had a contract ready for us to sign (because I told him we were strongly considering it) but we told him to hang on to it and we would discuss it and get back to him. Hubs and I didn't have a chance to talk on the way home because we drove separately since I was coming from work. When we got home he had to mow the grass so we held off on discussing it until afterwards. While he was mowing I took Emerie outside and she trekked up and down the yard picking up sticks, rocks, and leaves.... She splashed in puddles and ran around chasing the dogs trying to tickle them. We checked the mail several times (her new favorite thing) and blew some bubbles. As I watched her running around so freely in our spacious and private backyard I realized that we probably wouldn't sign the contract. We both thought since we would have to compromise on something on our "new house wish list" that it would be easy for the compromise to be the yard, but it wasn't. Emerie needs space to run and play with her little brother and the dogs need room to chase tennis balls. We need a big space for a swing set and a fire pit. She would spend every waking moment outside if she could.
While it makes me a little sad that we decided not to buy the house, I am still hopeful that we will find the right house for our family. The house I grew up in had a couple of acres and we played outside all the time. Do we need a couple of acres? No. We don't even need one acre. We just need something bigger than what this home had to offer us. We are still going to continue to look for the right house and we are going to leave our house on the market for another few months.... if we don't sell by August we may just take it off the market for awhile. We decided to hold off on creating a nursery for baby M because we still hope to move soon and I don't want to put all that time and energy into it if we are just going to move a month later. If we decide to take the house off of the market this fall then we will definitely create a new nursery for him here. Until then we are just waiting and praying that the right house/buyers come along at the right time. In the meantime we are going to take advantage of the yard that we have, along with our pool and deck and have a pool party for Emerie's birthday. I'll soak up every moment in the pool that I can because this pregnant momma is going to be roasting in the summer sun waiting for July 2! :)

PS. I know that big yards aren't for everyone and that they are not a necessity for having a great childhood, it's simply what we feel is best for our growing family right now. Also, if you made it through this never ending post, bravo! :)


Alisha said...

Finding a new home is so difficult. Stick to what you really are looking for, you won't be disappointed!

Cat @ MaryMarthaMama said...

There are always compromises with buying houses (unless you have an unlimited budget, but most of us don't). However, you have to know what your priorities are and stick to those, which sounds like you are. So good for you! You don't want to compromise on one of those things that you value. We live on .25 acres and now having lived with that we know that we want more yard space in our next home. Good luck with the selling and continued hunting!

Christina said...

Thanks! I'm getting antsy bc the baby's due date is fast approaching and I was so hoping to move before he arrives!

Christina said...

Thanks! Selling is going as slowly as house hunting!