Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Mother's Day weekend was wonderful. Hubs and Emerie ordered me a new necklace with the initials E and M (there's a clue to our sweet little man's name!) and they also ordered me another charm with an M on it for the mother's necklace that I wear everyday. So excited for them to arrive! Sunday morning was a special morning because we dedicated Emerie at church. We are excited to dedicate our lives to raising her to love and serve Jesus. It's an enormous responsibility but it's one that hubs and I feel very strongly about. Emerie held it together for most of the dedication, after a little bit she was getting restless and wiggling and trying to get down. Thankfully I was able to (hopefully somewhat gracefully) hang on to her and redirect her attention until it was over. :) All of the pictures that my dad took of us were blurry. :( Oh well. It was still a special day. Here's a pic of me and the sweet girl who made me a momma on Mother's Day (after we had changed out of our church clothes!). I majorly failed at getting good pics that day!
After church we took hubs' mom to brunch with the rest of his family. Dinner with my family followed shortly after brunch. What can I say, at 33 weeks pregnant I can pack away some food!  We also celebrated my dad's birthday (which is tomorrow!). Emerie loves him to pieces. He spends every moment he has with her playing and she loves it. Here she is playing in his old truck and going for a wagon ride with him. :)
The rest of the evening was business as usual, preparing for the week ahead.
We've been enjoying some warm weather and time outside... counting down the days until summer is here! Emerie's birthday is in two weeks so party planning has begun. :)

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Alisha said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!