Friday, May 30, 2014

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday! Only one Friday of work left after today.... Summer break is right around the corner. Linking up with Darci and friends for another 5 on Friday!
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Since we had family photos done recently, I thought I would keep this post short and sweet by sharing my 5 favorite photos from the day. It is really a miracle that our photographer got any good pictures because Emerie had a fever of 102 that we were unaware of that day! Poor thing. She was grumpy and not herself so we took her temp when we got home and discovered that she was sick. :( Thankfully it just seemed to be a virus that passed pretty quickly with very few other symptoms. Here are our favorite ones (in no particular order). They were taken at a local vineyard.
Can't believe that our sweet little love is 2 years old! We also can't believe we will be meeting her brother in 4 and a half weeks (if he's on time like she was)!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Days

We had a wonderful long weekend at home. We celebrated Emerie's 2nd birthday on Friday with a Minnie Mouse balloon and donuts for breakfast (she loves donuts!). Hubs' grandparents came in town that afternoon and we took Emerie to dinner at Cracker Barrel. They sang happy birthday to her and brought her ice cream. I was able to video the whole thing. She just stared and smiled! She wasn't interested in the ice cream though. It was a fun evening and we look forward to celebrating at her pool party in another week or so. :)
 (so blurry but she wouldn't hold still for a second! I tried so hard to get a good pic of her in her birthday shirt)
Monday was a make up snow day at work but I had a personal day that I needed to use so I stayed at home with my loves and enjoyed every second of it. We usually go to my grandma's house on Memorial Day for a picnic but my mom and sisters weren't able to go this year and hubs and I decided to stay at home and get a few things done around the house. It was a beautiful day with temps in the 80's and very little humidity. We spent time outside, going for walks, playing at the water table, and swinging on the front porch. It was glorious.
 Pretty girl, ready for church!
 Yes we are still hunting Easter eggs at the end of May :)
 Miss Hollywood
When we weren't playing and relaxing we were somewhat productive. We finally cleaned out the closet in the guest room (aka baby brother's room) so that we can store the things that we get at our baby shower this weekend. We really need to start organizing his room... I'm definitely not as prepared for him in that department. The second time around is different... I know he won't be using his crib for at least 4-5 months so we don't feel too rushed. I feel more prepared in other ways though... I am not as nervous about taking care of a brand new little love, nursing, bathing, etc. I have experience in that department and the decorating and organizing will come. We are still hoping to sell the house so I don't want to do too much to his room when the hope is that we will move before the end of the fall.
Hope you are all having a fabulous week! I head to the doctor today for my 35 week check up. We are beginning weekly appointments now. Eeeek! :)
Be back on Friday to post my 5 favorite family photos from last weekend's session! :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Emerie is 2 Years Old!

My dear sweet Emerie,
Two years old. Two beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fantastic years of life. I find myself staring at you in amazement every single day. I can't believe God loves me so much that he gave me such an amazing little girl to raise. You are so smart and funny and a million other wonderful things. It's hard to believe that two years have passed us and I am both sad and excited to see all of the things that the future holds. Sad because you are growing up so quickly, but excited because I can't wait to see the wonderful, Jesus loving person that you will become. You are a talker, and you are so good at it. You still speak in phrases but now you are also forming sentences. I love hearing everything that you have to say. We passed a field of daffadils the other day and you yelled "look, rubber duckies!!". Does it get cuter than that? You also think walnuts are meatballs. I love your little mind. Your little voice is so sweet and you love to sing. The video we have of you singing Jesus Loves Me is adorable. You also like to dance and you would play outside every second of every day if we let you. You love to explore and pick up rocks and sticks. You enjoy your time with Papa on Fridays because you and him spend so much time exploring, throwing rocks in the pond, petting the alpacas and horses, and riding in the red wagon. You are still a fantastic sleeper... you go to bed around 8:15 and sleep until 7:30 or later most mornings (when Mommy and Daddy don't have to go to work). We are grateful for that and hope it continues after your little brother joins our family! You love him so much already. You pat Mommy's belly and kiss him and tell me you feel him kicking (even though I don't think you do!). You are going to be such a good big sister.
You are becoming more independent in the eating department as well. You tell me what you want for dinner (usually mac and cheese, cucumbers, cottage cheese, or avocado) and you eat pretty well. You are picky about trying new things but if you find something you like you will eat it for days. We tell you we love you a million times a day because you always say it back to us and it melts our hearts. You love Mickey Mouse (and all of the other characters on the show) and you are going to have a Minnie Mouse pool party to celebrate your 2nd birthday. You also love clothes and shoes. I told Daddy he better start saving up because you will cost us! You always ask to put on your pretty "candles" (sandals) and then immediately say, "go show daddy!" You love new outfits and say how pretty or cute they are. Miss Kim gave you a new outfit for your birthday and you insisted on putting it on. We love your sweet little personality. These past two years have been so wonderful. We look forward to watching you explore, learn, love, and grow... just don't grow too fast, okay? We thank God for you everyday sweet pumpkin!

We love you more than words can express!
Mommy and Daddy

Monday, May 19, 2014

33 Week Bumpdate!

Blogging from home with a hot mug of coffee on a Monday morning. This is something that's not far off in the future. I only have one more Monday with the kids at school and one more Monday work day after that. Today I'm home because my sweet kiddo has been sick this weekend. We had family/maternity photos done and she was pretty grumpy the entire time. When we got in the car she was wiped out and fell asleep. I told hubs I was worried she was getting sick and sure enough we took her temp when we got home and it was 102! Poor girl. After some Advil she was feeling much better and her temp went down through the night. Last night it was 99.3 before we went to bed so I gave her some more Advil and was planning to work today but decided that she probably needed to stay home with momma and rest. So here we are. Enjoying Monday morning from home. She's still sleeping which is why I have the chance to blog! :)
Here is the long overdue 33 week bumpdate!
How far along: 33 weeks!
Weight Gain: I was up 21 pounds at my 33 week appt. last week and my belly was measuring right on track.
Clothes: I hate clothes. Haha. Nothing fits these days... even some of my maternity shirts are starting to get snug and slide up the bump. The bottom half of my belly was hanging out at Walmart yesterday and I was completely unaware (for about 5 minutes!). Next thing I know I'll be on that people of Walmart website for being inappropriately dressed! I have three weeks of work left so that means I have to dress decently for 3 weeks and then the last 3 weeks of this pregnancy I will be wearing my bathing suit by our pool or hubs' shorts and t-shirts. :)
Skin: Skin is doing okay, no stretch marks yet! :)
Sleep:  Eh. It's okay. I still wake up really early and I get up at least once or twice a night to use the bathroom. My poor bladder is awful these days. It wasn't this bad with Emerie but this little man must push on it all day long!
Gender: Sweet and handsome baby boy!
Movement:  Still constant. We are always playing guess the body part. He usually has his limbs stuck out somewhere!
Cravings: Watermelon and fruit as of lately. Chocolate and ice cream too.
What I miss:  a good workout, a big sub sandwich!
Labor signs (added category this week): He's head down! Yay! And I've been having some painful contractions. I had a lot of BH contractions with Emerie and these are similar but they are sometimes so tight that it's painful. I'm hoping he doesn't decide to come too early! Hang in there at least 3 and a half more weeks buddy!
Best moments and looking forward to: We had family photos taken this past weekend... our last set of professional photos before we are a family of 4! I'm looking forward to celebrating a certain little girl who turns 2 on Friday! I can't believe she's already turning 2. We are having her party 2 weeks later because we are doing a Minnie Mouse pool party but I'm sure hubs and I will take her to eat and sing and get her a big ice cream cone on her special day. I'm also looking forward to our baby shower on the 31st! :)
Prayer for the baby: Dear Lord, thank you for blessing us with another little life. We are anxious to meet him and love on him. Please continue to help him grow as he puts on weight in these last few weeks. Please protect and keep him safe as his entrance to the world draws closer. In Jesus name, Amen.
"Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts. Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always." Psalm 105:1-4

Friday, May 16, 2014

Twas the night before family photos...

It's the night before family pictures and I'm nervous. Like always. Life with a toddler is very unpredictable. She isn't big on standing or sitting still for a moment, let alone posing and smiling for the camera. I'm worried about all of the typical things that moms of toddlers are concerned with, will she have a melt down? Will her back be to the camera the entire time? Will she smile at all? Will she ruin her outfit within seconds of getting start? And then I'm worried about things that have nothing to do with our free spirited child. Things like... Will my husband be squinting in all of the pictures (like he always is?!)? Will our outfits match even though Emerie and I have on different colors or prints? Will my naturally curly hair be frizzy and wavy (due to spring humidity) even after my attempts to straighten it before the photos? Every time we have pictures scheduled I feel anxious, and every time they've turned out good... great even. Here's a look back on maternity with Emerie, newborn, 6 months, and one year family photos. And here's to hoping tomorrow's photo session is just as successful! (And that all this worrying is for nothing!)
(all of the photos were taken by the same photographer with the exception of the maternity photos)

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Almost Perfect House

This has been a week of big decisions and a lot of waiting. As I've mentioned, we are selling our house. We haven't had much luck so far but we hadn't found anything that we wanted to buy so we didn't feel too pressured or anxious to sell. On Friday we looked at a house that we both loved. It was the perfect size and the perfect layout with everything that we were looking for in our next home.... almost. A fenced yard was something that we hoped to find but it wasn't a deal breaker. We could easily fence in a yard. But this house didn't have much of a yard. It had a nice front yard and the back yard had several big pine trees, Bradford pear trees, and even a large weeping willow, but it was small. Really small. The trees took up most of the yard and it wasn't very level. We discussed it a lot over the weekend because we really thought we should make them an offer and put a contract on the house. We decided we needed to see it again because the size of the yard was still bugging us. We went to see it again this afternoon and were still disappointed by the yard. The house was perfect. It had everything we needed and was in move in condition. It was also in a great neighborhood in a wonderful school district at the right price. Our realtor had a contract ready for us to sign (because I told him we were strongly considering it) but we told him to hang on to it and we would discuss it and get back to him. Hubs and I didn't have a chance to talk on the way home because we drove separately since I was coming from work. When we got home he had to mow the grass so we held off on discussing it until afterwards. While he was mowing I took Emerie outside and she trekked up and down the yard picking up sticks, rocks, and leaves.... She splashed in puddles and ran around chasing the dogs trying to tickle them. We checked the mail several times (her new favorite thing) and blew some bubbles. As I watched her running around so freely in our spacious and private backyard I realized that we probably wouldn't sign the contract. We both thought since we would have to compromise on something on our "new house wish list" that it would be easy for the compromise to be the yard, but it wasn't. Emerie needs space to run and play with her little brother and the dogs need room to chase tennis balls. We need a big space for a swing set and a fire pit. She would spend every waking moment outside if she could.
While it makes me a little sad that we decided not to buy the house, I am still hopeful that we will find the right house for our family. The house I grew up in had a couple of acres and we played outside all the time. Do we need a couple of acres? No. We don't even need one acre. We just need something bigger than what this home had to offer us. We are still going to continue to look for the right house and we are going to leave our house on the market for another few months.... if we don't sell by August we may just take it off the market for awhile. We decided to hold off on creating a nursery for baby M because we still hope to move soon and I don't want to put all that time and energy into it if we are just going to move a month later. If we decide to take the house off of the market this fall then we will definitely create a new nursery for him here. Until then we are just waiting and praying that the right house/buyers come along at the right time. In the meantime we are going to take advantage of the yard that we have, along with our pool and deck and have a pool party for Emerie's birthday. I'll soak up every moment in the pool that I can because this pregnant momma is going to be roasting in the summer sun waiting for July 2! :)

PS. I know that big yards aren't for everyone and that they are not a necessity for having a great childhood, it's simply what we feel is best for our growing family right now. Also, if you made it through this never ending post, bravo! :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Mother's Day weekend was wonderful. Hubs and Emerie ordered me a new necklace with the initials E and M (there's a clue to our sweet little man's name!) and they also ordered me another charm with an M on it for the mother's necklace that I wear everyday. So excited for them to arrive! Sunday morning was a special morning because we dedicated Emerie at church. We are excited to dedicate our lives to raising her to love and serve Jesus. It's an enormous responsibility but it's one that hubs and I feel very strongly about. Emerie held it together for most of the dedication, after a little bit she was getting restless and wiggling and trying to get down. Thankfully I was able to (hopefully somewhat gracefully) hang on to her and redirect her attention until it was over. :) All of the pictures that my dad took of us were blurry. :( Oh well. It was still a special day. Here's a pic of me and the sweet girl who made me a momma on Mother's Day (after we had changed out of our church clothes!). I majorly failed at getting good pics that day!
After church we took hubs' mom to brunch with the rest of his family. Dinner with my family followed shortly after brunch. What can I say, at 33 weeks pregnant I can pack away some food!  We also celebrated my dad's birthday (which is tomorrow!). Emerie loves him to pieces. He spends every moment he has with her playing and she loves it. Here she is playing in his old truck and going for a wagon ride with him. :)
The rest of the evening was business as usual, preparing for the week ahead.
We've been enjoying some warm weather and time outside... counting down the days until summer is here! Emerie's birthday is in two weeks so party planning has begun. :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday! Linking up with Darci and friends for another 5 on Friday.
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{ONE} I tried a new recipe (Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells) that I found on Pinterest. It was pretty good and fairly easy to make. I simplified it by using a bag of steamable broccoli florets. I like the combination of alfredo and spaghetti sauce. You can find the recipe here.
{TWO} This has been an exhausting week. Hubs got a stomach bug on Tuesday night and was sick all night long. Needless to say I didn't sleep much and I started sanitizing everything as soon as I got home from work on Wednesday. We've been doing end of the year testing at school all week and we have a field trip today! I'm gonna need Emerie to sleep in tomorrow. :)
{THREE} This little sweetie will turn two in just two weeks. I can't believe how much she's grown. She loves to play outside and reads all the time so I'm sure that her birthday will be filled with outdoor toys and books. I should probably start planning her party huh? :)
{FOUR} We haven't had any luck selling our house yet but we haven't found any houses that we would like either. It's kind of discouraging but we are going to look at another house this afternoon. I'm praying that God will work the timing of everything out... hopefully we will find something we want at the same time we sell our house.
{FIVE} The weather has been gorgeous and the countdown is on for Summer break. 20 days of teaching after today and 2 work days to go! Can't wait to be home with my girl. I'm thankful I get to spend the last three weeks of my pregnancy relaxing at home and preparing for our sweet little man's arrival!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sunshine and Curls

We are soaking up the sunshine these days (and still hunting Easter eggs in our yard, which I'm certain will last through October!). With only 8 weeks to go until we meet our little man, we are taking the time to enjoy these last few weeks of Emerie being an only child. She is growing and changing so much that I can hardly stand it. She's entering big girl status this month (she turns 2 on the 23rd!) and I am sad and happy at the same time. It's bittersweet but I love the little person she is growing into. She's thoughtful, kind, and funny among a million other wonderful things. Her hair is so curly and wild and crazy. I can't tame it and it makes her that much cuter! 
 My loves sharing special  moments.
 (more proof of her wild and crazy hair. :) 
We are cooking out with our life group tonight and I can't wait to hang out and relax with everyone. Perfect way to spend the evening. Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 2, 2014

5 on Friday!

Linking up with Darci and friends for another 5 on Friday.
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{5 things that I'm looking forward to in May}

{ONE} Emerie's dedication at church. We have been wanting to have Emerie dedicated for awhile now but we switched churches last May and the church we go to now only does baby dedications once a year so we had to wait. They would have done a private one but we just decided we would have her dedicated during the service instead. :) We can't wait to publicly commit to raising Emerie to know, love and follow Jesus. I just hope she cooperates for the ceremony!!
{TWO} Yard Sales. My mom and I are going to have a yard sale in a week or so and I can't wait to clear out some clutter and make a few extra bucks. Mom will probably bring her stuff to our house because she lives too far in the country to have one at their house. I also love to get up early, get some coffee and peruse a few yard sales but with a little one that hasn't happened much in the last two years.
{THREE} Family pictures. We haven't had family pictures done since Emerie's first birthday. I'm both terrified and excited to attempt some family and a few maternity pictures. Emerie isn't one to stop and look at the camera, in fact, most of my pictures of her are of the side of her head or are blurry because she doesn't stop moving. I hope that our photographer can capture at least one good picture of us as a family!
 (Look at that adorable little sweetie, can't believe how tiny my baby was one year ago!)
{FOUR} Compassion in action. Each year our church does a Compassion in Action week where you sign up to help with various projects around the community. We are helping with a family/kids night complete with games and bounce houses. I can't wait to serve in the community and see the excitement on the faces of those kids who don't normally get to participate in events like this one.
{FIVE} Warm weather, the promise of summer coming soon, and getting closer to meeting our little man. We have 26 days of school left and 61 days until our due date. I have so much to do to prepare for the end of school and the beginning of our life as a family of 4 but I am excited to do it! :)

Happy Friday! :)