Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Recap :)

We had a wonderful Easter! We got up on Easter morning and dressed Emerie in her Easter dress for church. She looked beyond adorable.
Then she went into the living room to find her Easter basket. She was really excited about all of the goodies in her basket (the maracas were especially a hit!). She played with her toys for a little while and ate a quick breakfast before we headed to church.
We didn't have enough time for a nap after the service so we came home and I made hashbrown casserole for our family dinner and we headed to my grandma's house. Emerie (of course) fell asleep the last 5 minutes of the ride there. Luckily she was still in a good mood when we arrived at my grandma's and we enjoyed spending time with everyone. She hunted Easter eggs and played outside for awhile. We went to hubs' grandma's after that and Emerie got more Easter goodies!
She was beyond exhausted when we finally got home but she didn't go to bed until her normal bedtime and she laid in her crib talking away for 45 minutes after that! Little did we know that we had a rough night ahead. She was up from 10:30-midnight just talking up a storm in our bed before I finally put her back in her crib. Of course she would be up the night before we go back to work! Stinker. I told hubs that as much as I wanted to go to sleep, I loved laying with her and listening to her talk about everything under the sun. Special moments that you can't get back! Hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. I definitely enjoyed reflecting on the beautiful gift of salvation made possible through Jesus and counted my blessings with each moment!

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Rachel said...

Her Easter dress is adorable!