Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday: 30 Week Bumpdate Edition

Happy Friday friends! Linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday! I'm going to make this one the mini bumpdate since I didn't have time to write one this week. Enjoy! :)
 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg
{ONE} 30 weeks!? I can't believe we are already at 30 weeks. Our sweet baby boy's arrival is so close yet still seems so far away! I feel like he's huge already. He is constantly poking out body parts and I can feel his body when I push on my stomach. So weird and so wonderful. :) My favorite part of pregnancy is feeling those kicks, pokes, hiccups, and rolls. He definitely doesn't disappoint! :)
 (dress is from Target and it is so comfortable, I love it!)
{TWO} Sweets, sweets, sweets. All I want is chocolate, donuts (yum, chocolate donuts sound good!), cookies, cakes, and candy. I try not to give in to that all day long but I pretty much have something sugary every single day. I also crave fruit like strawberries, watermelon, and grapes. I ate an entire watermelon by myself last week.
{THREE} Body changes. I don't know if I've gained any weight since my last check up but I go again on Tuesday so we'll see. My belly is starting to feel heavier. It throws me off balance a little at this point... I fell getting on the bus for our Kindergarten field trip on Wednesday. I have a massive bruise on my leg but thankfully I didn't hit the belly. I've fallen at least once with each pregnancy so I wasn't as freaked out this time. Thankfully he's well protected in there!
{FOUR} Contractions. Oh the contractions. Last Sunday night I was having contractions that were starting to hurt a little. I didn't feel alarmed (because I felt sure it wasn't a labor contraction) but the Braxton Hicks contractions I have with him are much stronger at this point than they were with Emerie. I had tons of BH contractions with her (from 17 weeks on) but his feel stronger and occasionally uncomfortable.
{FIVE} Big sister. Emerie loves hugging and kissing my belly. She also likes to "bump bellies" with me (seriously adorable). She is going to be a great big sister. While we can't wait to spoil and kiss on this sweet little boy, we are also soaking up this time with her as an only child. She is such a sweet little girl and we are so thankful that God blessed us with her. We are looking forward to having her dedicated at church on Mother's Day.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Lisa Loves John said...

Way TOO cute that Emerie likes to bump bellies with you... love it!!

Bailley said...

Hi from the link up! Your little girl is too cute!! Love the bumpdate!

Kristen said...

that dress is gorgeous - and you look fabulous!

Zoe {The Latina Lens} said...

Stopping by from the link up! That dress looks fabulous on you!

Christina said...

Thanks! :)

Christina said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Christina said...

Thank you, that's so sweet! Can't beat a Target dress! :)

Christina said...

You're too sweet! Thank you! :)