Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Despite the rainy weekend and cooler weather, it was very productive and fun. On Friday we looked at a house (that we decided wasn't the one for us), went out to dinner, put Emerie to bed and cleaned up a little bit in preparation for the showing of our house. I hope the showing went well but I'm not going to hold my breath. Who sells their house the second time it gets shown?
Saturday we got ready and did all the last minute cleaning and tidying up that we needed to and we loaded up the dogs and headed to McDonalds (we're so glamorous) for breakfast while our house was being shown. After we took Emerie home for her nap, I went and hung out with my sister (Target and our fav Mexican restaurant) and then went to a friend's baby shower. I left the shower a little early so that we could go to the movies with hubs' mom and her friend. We saw the movie God's Not Dead. We all really enjoyed the movie. It held our attention the whole time and had a surprising ending. Go see it!
Sunday we relaxed at home and I got in a prenatal barre workout... which I loved! It was only a 20 minute workout but I could feel the burn and my muscles shaking while I was doing it (which is a good sign for those of you who aren't familiar with Barre workouts). I didn't get to do the 20 minute stretch after though, because someone woke up from the shortest nap ever! :) I spent lots of time with my girl and then I did my first Spanish lesson on Rosetta Stone. I did the core lesson but I didn't have time to do more because hubs has a final paper due for his grad school class and needed the computer. I'm not very good at learning other languages but I'm hoping I will be successful through Rosetta Stone!
I've also spent any down time that I had this weekend reading Restless by Jennie Allen. It's a really good book and I'm learning a lot about myself through reading it. I'll blog more on that later.
Well, I guess that's it for now. Hopefully you will be blessed with the same wonderful forecast that we are this week... 60's and 70's and mostly sunny! :)
Happy Monday!

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