Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Fun

We were home due to snow yesterday, and as much as I didn't want another snow day because we will be in school forever making them up, I loved the time at home to relax. We had a busy weekend seeing family and it was nice to hang out at home an extra day, play in the snow with Emerie, and get things ready for the week.
Saturday the weather was pretty nice so we dressed in bright spring like clothes and went to my favorite smoothie place of all time... Tropical Smoothie! The cafe finally opened in our area this month so we took Emerie there for a smoothie and some lunch. She's a fan as well. :)
Sunday was not nearly as warm and by Monday it looked like this outside:

 Yeah. We are over winter. I'm sure everyone is ready for spring but we put our snow pants on and played outside anyway.
I had to reschedule my 25 week check up/glucose test (which was supposed to be yesterday afternoon). Now I'll be celebrating the first day of spring with a nice orange glucose drink. :) Here's to hoping that I pass!!

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