Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Fun

This weekend was so nice! The weather was finally warmer and we were able to get outside. Hubs was out of town at a the Wildfire Weekend conference so Emerie and I spent Friday evening and Saturday together. We picked up Chick-Fil-A for dinner Friday night and just hung out at home. Saturday we had a birthday party to go to and we ended up spending much of the day outside. Emerie doesn't sit still for more than a few minutes and she saw a present that was in a Minnie Mouse bag and was on the verge of throwing a fit to get it. Thankfully there was a playground at the church where the birthday party was held so my sister and I took Emerie out to play for most of the party.
My dad came out periodically and played with her too so that we could go back in and eat dessert. :) She loved swinging on (what's left of) my lap! The swings are much more narrow than I remember them being and my hips and baby belly were squished!
It's going to be in the upper sixties for the next two days and I am so looking forward to being outside without having to bundle up under a bunch of bulky clothes! My growing midsection can barely fit in my North Face jacket now. Hope you had a warm and sunny weekend! :)

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After Eleven Blog said...

yay for nicer weather! it's been nice here the past couple of days and we have been soaking up every bit of it! I'm normally a fall and winter type gal but for some reason this year I've been itching for warm-ness! haha.