Monday, March 3, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday

We are home again today due to another snow storm. I am praying that we don't have to make these days up (because I feel sure we will be home tomorrow as well). Today is my hubby's 30th birthday so I let him sleep in (I always do, I can't sleep past 8 anyway) and I made him breakfast. He has been asking for biscuits and gravy for sometime now but I had never attempted to make gravy. I decided his birthday would be the perfect time to surprise him and give it a try and it turned out pretty good!
We just put Emerie down for her nap so I am taking a few minutes to catch up on my blog and play on Pinterest. I've been pinning things for our little man's nursery, postpartum workouts, and natural type things (such as gardening, recycling, homemade products, etc.
This weekend was fairly relaxing... I have tried to clean up the house, though every time I get one thing straightened up, something else looks like a disaster.... life of a mom I guess! Emerie has been playing and reading her books and yesterday she surprised us by taking a three hour nap! I went shopping for some maternity clothes and got this adorable dress at Target. Now if it would just warm up so I could wear it!!

And then I went to a baby shower for a friend from work. There are several other teachers at my school that are pregnant as well, and everyone around us jokes that you shouldn't drink the water! I love pregnancy and feeling the baby kick and roll. I love my belly and am fortunate to have had two easy pregnancies (so far). I am trying to savor the little things with this pregnancy, in case it's my last one. I've been thinking about that too but I am still not sure if this little one will complete our family or if we will want more. We'll see!
We don't have big plans for the rest of this snowy day.... just going to hang out and watch some TV, snack, and relax! I've been watching The Bachelor but it's awful this season. I am looking forward to the Women Tell All segment more than the season finale! :) Emerie will stick to watching Mickey Mouse. :) 

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