Monday, February 17, 2014

Today's the big day!

My house is quiet right now (it's 2 p.m. on Saturday) except for the sound of the Olympics on TV. Hubs has been asleep on the couch and Emerie has been asleep in her crib for 2 and a half hours. I'm sure this quiet will end soon, and I'm surprised it's lasted this long! :) We don't have big plans today.... after Emerie eats lunch we are going to head to the library, ride around to look at a few houses in local neighborhoods, and then make a pit stop by the grocery store before settling in for the evening. It's cold and windy today, started with a little snow but it was mostly wet and made no difference considering we already have 17 inches on the ground. I've been cleaning out my clothes and thinking about baby love #2. We find out on Monday (this is a scheduled post so if you're reading this, we find out today!) if this little love is a boy or a girl and I've been pinning nautical themed nurseries and making plans to refinish old furniture all morning. A few people have asked us if this will be our last child or if we want more. To be honest, I have no idea at this point. We have always talked about having three children but I don't know if we will or if this sweet little one will complete our family. It makes no difference to me if this baby is a boy... as many people have assumed we will keep trying for a boy if this one turns out to be another girl. That is not why I would continue to expand our family. We would have a third child because we really want more children, not to see if we can get a different gender! Right now my priority is Emerie and her new little brother or sister. Oh and moving. Please Lord, let us sell our house soon. I really don't want to decorate and complete a new nursery in our current home... I'd rather only go through that process once and have it be in our new house! :) Be back on Tuesday with the 20 week update (complete with bump/ultrasound pics!). Happy Monday! (It certainly is for us!!) Squeeeeee!

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