Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday: {New Home Must Haves}

I am pretty sure that every Friday I start my post with some variation of "I'm so glad it's Friday" but seriously--'s.Friday. I don't think I've been this exhausted since the first trimester, but man I'm tired. It's been a week to say the least. However, rather than spend the next portion of this post complaining about my week, I've decided to use this 5 on Friday to talk about the top 5 things that I want in our next home (and since our house is for sale, hopefully we will have a new home before we have this new baby!).
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{ONE} Bedrooms on one floor. I don't care if they are all on the second floor or if it's a one story and they are all together there. I just want 3-4 bedrooms on one floor. Our current home doesn't have all of the bedrooms on the same floor and it is soooo inconvenient when you have young kids! We are hoping to move before baby love #2 is born so that everyone will be in a central location.
{TWO} A basement. We would love to have a house with a finished basement (even if it's only partially finished). It would be a nice space to host friends and to relax in after the babies are in bed. We also have two big dogs so a basement would be a great place for them to stay most of the time. I am tired of vacuuming every other day due to dogs that shed all year round! Our dogs are like our first babies so we refuse to leave them outside all the time. Not an option for us, but a finished basement would be a great happy medium!
 Basement Living
 (I love the cozy feel of this basement)
{THREE} A fenced yard. This one would be fairly easy to fix if we bought a house that didn't already have fencing, but it would be nice if we found one that already had it. One less thing to do! We would like a fenced yard so that we don't have to worry about where the dogs or kids are wandering off to (not that they ever go outside without us right there, but I would feel better if my kids were playing in a fenced in area). However, if we happened to find a house that we liked that came with several acres, we wouldn't worry about fencing.
{FOUR} An updated kitchen. I don't love to cook but it's something that I have to do at least several times a week so a nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances wouldn't hurt. :)
 (I love the stone island in this kitchen!)
{FIVE} There are a couple of odds and ends left over that I'd like in a house... a mudroom/laundry room so that we could store all of the stuff we lug in from the car each day. Right now it gets piled onto bar stools in the kitchen. We have a closeted laundry room and I don't love it. A fireplace is also a must. We have one in our current house but it needs new logs and I don't want to spend the money on that right now. The house we used to rent had a wonderful gas log fireplace and I used to love relaxing and reading by the fire. I love the coziness that it adds to the house in the fall and winter. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!
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Kate said...

In LOVE with the bedroom (1st pic)...amazing!! Stopping by from the link up! Have a great weekend :)