Friday, February 28, 2014

5 on Friday: Birthday Edition!

Today is my 29th birthday. One more year in my 20's. One more year til the big "dirty thirty" (I've always hated that term by the way). I've been thinking about things that I want to happen/accomplish over the next year (Lord willing), before that milestone birthday gets here. Some of them are things that I hope to do simply because our family needs those things to happen, and others are personal goals. Since I had 5 things on my list, I decided it would be a perfect birthday edition for 5 on Friday. Link up with Darci and friends to join in!
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{one} Give birth to a healthy baby boy on or around July 2. This one obviously has to happen because he can't bake my in belly forever but I always said that I wanted to be done having kids by thirty. Whether or not that's true anymore I don't really know. A lot of people assume that since we will have a boy and a girl, that we are satisfied and done with having babies. We've always talked about having three kids so I have no idea if we are in fact done having babies yet. :) We'll see how overwhelming two is... we might just wait a little longer before having a third one.
(Emerie shortly after she was born, ahhhh that newborn baby smell. I can't wait until her little brother gets here, I love the sweet snuggles of a newborn baby!) 
{two} Move. We really would like to move before Emerie's baby brother arrives. We found a house that we really like last weekend but it's bigger than what I wanted. I know that shouldn't really seem like a problem, but the bigger the house the more to clean, the more furniture you need, and the higher the utility bills. So we are still praying about it... we have to sell ours first so it could be awhile.
{three} Run a 10K or a half marathon. I've always admired other women who are runners. I admire the fact that they can commit to it, train and develop their endurance, and learn to enjoy it. I admire the fact that they are teaching their children that it's important to be healthy and some even include them on all of their runs... something that they do together. When I first got pregnant with this sweet boy, I had this strange desire to run all the time. I ran the first few weeks of this pregnancy without even knowing I was pregnant. I am still trying to jog and walk often (though with this awful winter weather we've had, it hasn't happened much). So once he makes his appearance I am hope to begin some sort of training plan for a 10K or half marathon and I'm going to choose a fun one for my goal, possibly something in Florida, near a beach? I'll have between August and February to train and complete this goal!
{four} Take a family vacation. Hubs and I haven't traveled much lately and I'm hoping that we can arrange some kind of vacation this year, whether it's a week long vacation or just a weekend getaway.
 Emerie's first trip to the beach/first family vacation @ 4 months old.
 It was several blissful days in a beautiful beach house just hanging out and enjoying the company of family.
{five} Spend more time with God, my family, and friends (and less time on the iPhone, computer, etc.).
 I think this one will always be on my list.

Here's to hoping for a great last year in my twenties. :)
Happy weekend!  

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