Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on Friday!

The week has gotten away from me and I haven't blogged since last Friday! Sorry about that! I'll try to do better next week. :)
Linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday!
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{ONE} Our house is officially on the market. We are hopefully that it sells before baby love #2 makes his/her grand entrance this summer. We are also hopeful that we can find the right house for our family! My main worry is how we will keep our current house clean for showings with a toddler who has a zillion toys!
{TWO} This was a rough week for me... I've teared up multiple times (I blame pregnancy hormones) and I am so glad it's come to an end. Looking forward to spending the weekend with my sweet little family.
{THREE} Poor Emerie has two molars coming in and is gnawing on everything! We were considering taking her pacifiers away this weekend but given her teething situation I'm not sure if we should. That and we are totally dreading it because they've become like her security blanket. She holds them a lot and sleeps with them. Taking them away would mean no sleep for us and I'm not sure I'm ready for that! I plan to do her 20 month update next week... I have so many things to share about this sweet girl!
 (She loves her Papa, my dad)
{FOUR} Hubs started grad school this week and we are excited for the things to come. He only has class once a week right now which is nice... He's getting his degree in Educational Leadership/Administration. I love my summers off too much to work as a principal... speaking of summer.... we are officially half way through the school year (as of yesterday).... Let the countdown begin! :)
{FIVE}Little love bug #2 (I hate referring to the baby as number 2 but until we know the sex I'm not sure what else to call them) has started wiggling a lot and I'm loving it. Hubs hasn't felt the kicks yet but I'm hopeful that he will in the next few weeks. :)

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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After Eleven Blog said...

congrats on putting your house on the market - I hope is sells fast for you guys! and I hope you find another one just as fast and it all goes smooth for you :)