Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday friends! Linking up with Darci again for 5 on Friday!
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I'm not very good at making and keeping resolutions but I decided to write down some things that I hope or want to do every day.
{ONE} Word in. 
I want to read the Bible and spend time with God every single day. That is my main goal. I am doing this great Scripture memorization project that Ann Voskamp came up with. It's called The Jesus Project and it's gives you all of the scriptures to memorize in gorgeous fonts for you to print and frame or hang around your house. I'm really excited about this... one of my favorite quotes from Ann's blog is this: "All the heart really knows- is what it knows by heart." I want to really know Him. Join us?
{TWO} Work out.
I think most people include this in their goals for a new year. I just want to stay healthy and in shape and deliver a healthy baby this summer!
{THREE} Unplug.
I am on my iPhone way too much. Too much Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin', Pinterest. So from the hours of 5-7:30 (basically most of the evening while Emerie is still awake) I am trying to stay off of my phone and focus on her. She's growing up too fast.
{FOUR} Pray more.
This goes along with number one but I wrote it down separately. I am reading a book called A Praying Life by Paul Miller. It's about deepening your relationship with God through prayer and staying connected to God in a distracting world and that's my goal.
{FIVE} Read.
I am already on a roll with this one! I've read three books for fun since Christmas and I'm reading two more at the moment. During Christmas break, as soon as I got Emerie to bed I basically curled up on the couch and read until I was sleepy. It was wonderful. Any recommendations? Someone else I know loves books as much as her momma. :)
Have a blessed weekend!


Alisha said...

Love your resolutions!! Especially spending more time with the Lord, it is so easy to get off track, or become too busy. Such a cute blog, I found you through the blog hop! New reader here!!

After Eleven Blog said...

so glad I found your blog tonight! I must say, I get excited any time I visit a blog and the first thing I see is "Christ follower" - I get pretty happy. LOL. We have a lot of goals in common too...iPhone needs to be tossed to the side, pray more, read my Bible more, etc...I'm so excited to be following along on your blog!! Come say hi if you get a chance, I love making new blogging friends! :)