Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday friends! Linking up with Darci and friends for another 5 on Friday!
{ONE} I have a training workshop today so I can actually take my time this morning and drink some coffee at home. It's nice to not have to rush to get out the door. My dad watches Em on Fridays and the training I am going to is at a school that is close to his house. I may even get to come home for lunch! As I teacher I won't know what to do with myself... more than 15 minutes to eat lunch?! What a treat. :)
{TWO} We are taking Emerie to a holiday event at my school tomorrow. They will have a pancake and Chick-Fil-A breakfast, pictures with Santa, arts and crafts and some shopping opportunities. We are mostly going to hang out with friends and see Santa (though I feel certain she won't sit on his lap!).
{THREE} Only two days of teaching and we are off for five days! I am excited to have some family time... we will go to my grandma's house for Thanksgiving and then to hubs' grandma's house.
{FOUR} I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet... I'm excited to see lots of holiday decorations, indulge in peppermint mochas, and listen to Christmas music. Our life group is planning on doing a holiday get together or some sort of service project before Christmas. One person suggested caroling... I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear me sing!!
{FIVE} I have been terrible about taking pictures lately.... meaning, I haven't taken many at all! Normally these posts are at least filled with cute pictures of my sweet little Em but I haven't been good about taking my camera with me... I even forgot it the day hubs got baptized! Major fail. My goal for the next month is to take lots of pictures.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Washed in Grace

This weekend was a wonderful one! On Sunday my sweet hubs was baptized at church. This was a long awaited, answered prayer. It was a really moving baptism for us... our life group was at the baptismal pool with us and they prayed with us, cried with us, and celebrated with us! Our friend also videoed the baptism (because guess who forgot her camera?! Big fail.) and I can't wait to see it. We had lots of friends and family come to the first service at church to support hubs. We definitely felt the love! The rest of the weekend was relaxing and low key. Emerie got to spend some more time with her Papa. Can you tell she loves him?
Always on the move! I am so anxious to have some family photos taken before Christmas (courtesy of my brother-in-law since our family photographer is on maternity leave!). We also have a fun Breakfast with Santa event coming up on Saturday at our school. Last year she sat on Santa's lap even though I didn't think she would. This year I am almost positive she won't even consider sitting on his lap!
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday!

Longest week ever! So happy to finally see Friday! Linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday. :)
 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg
{ONE} My sweet hubs is getting baptized at church on Sunday. I am so proud of him for taking this step in his relationship with Jesus. I'm sure I will cry the whole time.
{TWO} I am so sad that life groups meet for the last time on Tuesday (but will resume in January). We love our life group so much. It's the perfect mix of different personalities and everyone gets along so well. They are so supportive and many of them are excited to be there for hubs during his big moment on Sunday!
{THREE} The forecast called for snow on Tuesday and we didn't get a single drop. :( I wasn't expecting more than flurries but it didn't even do that. Jealous of all of you out there who have gotten that first snow! It's gotten really, really cold here and cold is no fun without snow. :) Here's a flashback from last winter with my little snow bear! Look at those baby cheeks!
{FOUR} My Pinterest feed is filling up with holiday decor and food. I am anxious to try these Cinnamon Roll Ups. Yum.
Cinnamon Roll Ups 
(photo from link above)
{FIVE} This verse has been on my heart this week. I'm especially praying for some close friends this week, family, and the people affected by the the disaster in the Philippines
Psalm 116:2 
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prayers Needed!

As most of you are well aware, Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and it is said to have been the strongest storm ever to be recorded. Millions of people were in the path of this destructive storm and are struggling to have their basic needs met. I hadn't really been following the news on this storm until I got an email from Compassion International, asking all Compassion bloggers to request that people pray and give a donation if able, for the millions of people who are suffering because of this disaster. Please take a minute to visit this site to get the latest updates and to learn more about what you can do to help. Events like these seem so far away from us and the need tends to be so overwhelming that we feel that we can't make a difference. Your prayers will make a difference. God listens to our prayers and will surround those who are hurting. Please join me in prayer (and donate if you are able)! Thanks friends!
"Because He bends to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath. Psalm 116:2

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Friday, November 8, 2013

5 on Friday

So so so excited that it's finally Friday. Link up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday to join in the fun. :)
 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg
{ONE} Please excuse my absence from blogging this week. The sickies got us. Emerie had a fever at the end of last week so I took off last Thursday and took her to the doctor. They said it was just a virus because everything else looked fine. Hubs stayed home with her Friday because she still wasn't feeling well. She got worse through the beginning of this week so I took a half day on Wednesday and we went back to the doctor. Double ear infection. Poor thing! She's been so miserable this week. Sleepy, crying, and just wanting to snuggle. I was happy to oblige. It's my fault anyway. She caught my cold and it caused her ear infections. She's feeling much better now though! A few doses of antibiotics and she's back to being a happy baby.
{TWO} How big does she look here?! She had several "pah kik uls" this past week to soothe her throat. So cute.
{THREE} I am finally starting to bounce back a little from this cold... it's the sickest I've been in a really long time and I am ready for our family to be well again. Hubs is starting to get it now. :( Prayers please?
{FOUR} My sister's (and brother-in-law) are coming in from out of town (they live about an hour and a half away) to go to a local fire department sponsored dinner with my parents this weekend. (My dad is a volunteer firefighter.) And I am so excited to see them and spend some time together.I hang out with one of my sisters pretty regularly but it's been awhile since we've all hung out together as a family because of schedules and distance.
{FIVE} I'm still debating on family pictures this year.... our photographer just had a baby so she is on maternity leave right now... I loved the ones she took last fall. I feel like fall is coming to an end too quickly... it's calling for snow here next Wednesday and Thursday. Craziness! (but bring on the snow days! right, teacher friends? :)
Have a fabulous week! I will be back to my regular blogging routine this week (I hope!) now that most of us are on the mend!

Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday and first day of November! We have a lot of fun stuff coming up this month and I can't wait to share what's happening. :)
Today I'm linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday! Join in the fun!
 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg
{ONE} The sickies have invaded our house. My poor Emerie is not feeling well so she didn't get to go trick or treating. She had a fever Wednesday night and all day Thursday so I stayed home with her and we spent the day snuggling.... and going to the doctor. They think it's a virus and said to just keep giving her Ibuprofen. Poor girl. I hope she feels better soon. I miss my spunky girl. Here is another picture of her cute little owl costume for Halloween. :)
{TWO} I didn't have time to run as much as I would have liked this week. Hopefully I can get some miles in this weekend... I'm enjoying running more now since I'm not putting any pressure on myself. I let myself run/walk as long as I want and go as often as I feel like it and I don't feel guilty if I don't go everyday (or even every other day!).
{THREE} Is it bad that I'm already counting down the days till Thanksgiving break and planning our family Christmas card?! Once Halloween is over, I am in full holiday season mode. Bring on the snow, Christmas movies, and peppermint mochas! These were some of the pics on our Christmas card last year...
I love those pictures so much... my sweet little Em was just a baby! 5 and a half months old... precious. :) 
{FOUR} My sister and I are going to sign up for a themed 5K in December.... it's the Jingle Bell 5K and it benefits the arthritis foundation. It looks like fun and it's for a good cause. The 5K we are doing is at a local winery so it's going to be a beautiful run! I'm already thinking about my costume. :) Visit this website to find a run/walk near you!
{FIVE} We are doing snacks for our life group this week and I am scouring Pinterest for new recipes... I'm thinking about doing a bacon ranch dip with chips and some kind of sweet treat... Like this peanut butter cream cheese dip with apples and graham cracker sticks? Yum!
Have a lovely weekend friends!