Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was relaxing and family filled. Emerie slept from 7:30 Friday night to 9 am Saturday morning! It was so nice to sleep in. She's been doing so well sleeping through the night now. We've really enjoyed it. :) Saturday I hung out and home then went out with my sister for awhile. We went to Target and Ross (where we always go) and I enjoyed a salted caramel mocha frap from Starbucks. Yum. It was a much needed pick me up. This weather has been so blah lately. It's been raining for days now and I am so anxious to get outside and run/walk/hike etc. Sunday we went to hubs' sisters house for our nephew's 10th birthday party. Emerie loved looking at their turtles and she kept saying "oh wow!". It was adorable.
 Hugging her cousin Carly goodbye. :)
We ended our weekend with a relaxing evening at home. Emerie played with the dogs like she always does. She got on Piper's back and said "giddy up" while bouncing up and down. I had to remind her to be gentle and love the dog. Haha. So thankful we have patient pups.
 A girl and her dog. Love.
We have a busy start to our week and I am hoping that the week begins with sunshine. :)
Happy Monday friends!

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