Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday!

So glad it's Friday! We've been so busy this week and I'm ready for a weekend with my sweet little family. :)
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{ONE} Last night was parent conferences at my school from 6-8 and hubs had to work as well so my parents watched Em for us. We missed her! Can't wait to spend the weekend with her and take her to the huge Harvest Party at our church on Sunday afternoon. She has the cutest costume... she's an owl! I hope she will keep the hood of the costume on (she hates anything on her head, which destroyed my dreams of adorable girly headbands). I'll post pictures on Monday!
{TWO} I've ran three times this week (four if you count the run I am planning for this afternoon). It's not a huge accomplishment but it is for me because we have been busy and I haven't been motivated to run until this week! I hope I can keep it up! These are pictures from a local trail that I ran on Sunday. It's a paved path along a river. Nice scenery never hurts! :)
{THREE} Hubs' grandma made me a delicious peanut butter pie just because she knew I liked it when she fixed it a few weeks ago for dessert. I was so excited and it was so delicious that I ate it in just two or three days. I know that in yesterday's post I promised the recipe but I haven't had time to ask her! I'll get it from her this weekend and post it as soon as I can. She said it's super easy and it is so so so good!
{FOUR} It has gotten cold here... it was sleeting a little when I picked Em up at the babysitter's and another teacher said it was flurrying at her mom's house! Crazy. Is it too soon to wish for a snow day?! Haha... Kidding, mostly.
{FIVE} This sweet girl turned 17 months this week! I can't believe she's almost a year and a half. She is so much fun right now, I'll try to do an update on her next week!
(Excuse my messy post-run hair)
Happy Friday!

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elise @ cheers yall said...

YAY! love the fun, fall, and HAPPINESS (and yummy goodness) that fills this post!!! glory, glory!