Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday!

Friday.Friday.Friday. I am so happy you are here. This has been a week. Joining Darci and friends again... link up and join the fun. :)
{ONE} Emerie normally sleeps well but decided to get up three times Monday night so I've been tired since then! My class has been a little wilder than normal due to Spirit Week at school (and the rainy weather with no outside recess) so I am worn out and grateful that the weekend is here. :)
{TWO} I am loving this toddler stage... Emerie talks nonstop and she knows so much. I can't believe all of the things understands. She gives the sweetest kisses (and sometimes grabs me by face to give them)... but I can see the terrible twos are upon us. She has started throwing some tantrums and even lays down on the floor for some of them! I try not to laugh but it's hard. It's also hard not to give into her. She has us wrapped around her little fingers and it's so easy to just give her what she wants to stop the screaming. Haha. We are in trouble.
{THREE} My older sister has had some health issues lately and it's been a scary journey for our family. Thankfully the doctors think they know what is going on with her and she is starting to feel better now that she's on some meds. She has to have a CT scan this afternoon so if you wouldn't mind whispering a little prayer for her, our family would greatly appreciate it. (Thanks friends!)
{FOUR} Hubs and I joined a life group at church and we are currently doing a study called Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. It's been really thought provoking and interesting so far.
Not a Fan, a book by Kyle Idleman
{FIVE} The sunsets have been really amazing lately and if you missed my post yesterday, this was what our evening looked like Wednesday. Perfection.

Have a blessed weekend!


Jill Esteban said...

Praying for your sister! I love the toddler stage. My daughter isn't quite there yet.. but that age is SO fun! I hope you get some rest this weekend. Found you on the link up!

Jill @

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Glad to hear that your sister is getting better. We'll keep her in our prayers. And my kids have been on a weird sleeping schedule these last two days. They got up at 2AM this morning and didn't go back to sleep until 6.