Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nursing Past One Year

Emerie will be 16 months on Monday. I can't believe she is getting close to one and a half. She is definitely a busy girl with little time to be bothered with things like nursing.... though I am happy to say that she is still nursing. I can't believe we've made it this far. My goal was to nurse her until she was one. When that day came and passed, I decided that I would keep going with it and see if she would wean herself (like the magazines/books say most babies do). She hasn't yet and I'm fine with it. She doesn't nurse very often now.... she will nurse in the morning when she wakes up and she likes to nurse when I get her home from the babysitter.... I love that time with her because I've missed her all day and it's nice that we have that quiet time together before she tears the house apart with her mess of toys. She really doesn't nurse before bed any more (though occasionally she will) so we are down to twice a day. I can easily see that becoming once a day, then not at all. She isn't a huge fan of whole milk, though I do give it to her in her sippy cup with her meals sometimes. She eats lots of calcium and Vitamin D rich foods like cottage cheese,  yogurt, and cheese sticks since she doesn't drink a ton of whole milk. I don't feel like it's weird to nurse her at this age, even though she sees me and yells "mommy meeelkkk!!" (and the proceeds to pull on my shirt) but I feel like it's weird to other people. I've been asked how long we plan to keep doing it and the truth is I'm not sure. I don't think she will nurse past 18 months. I'm not going to be nursing her when she's five or anything... but to me she is still my baby and I know I will miss this when we are finally finished with this part of the journey. So what about you other breastfeeding momma's out there? Do you feel like it's weird to nurse a baby/toddler past a certain age? Love to hear your thoughts! :)
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K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Honestly, I don't like it when people try to make nursing moms feel self conscious about nursing our babies past the age of one. I nursed my daughter until three days before her 2nd birthday and I nursed my son until he was a little over 2. At first I would try to be nice about it and brush off people asking me if I thought it was time to stop nursing, but after a while I started keeping it real and letting them know I didn't appreciate them silently judging me.

There's nothing with breastfeeding a toddler, especially if they have dairy allergies like both of my children do. Kudos to you for hanging in there still. I say keep going until you're ready to stop and don't let others make you feel uncomfortable about it.