Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Faith, food, and family :)

I have loved starting my week off with a women's Bible study on Monday nights. It has been a blessing to get to know some of the women at our church and to spend some time in fellowship with others. I thought that I would have to make myself go because lets face it, who wants to go back out on a Monday night? But it really has been something that I look forward to. So thankful for that. Hubs and I have been more intentional about getting involved at church and meeting new people. We met an older couple at a class that we took and they invited us to a fundraising dinner (for a local women's health clinic that seeks to empower and education women throughout their pregnancies). Pam Tebow (former NFL star Tim Tebow's mom) will be the keynote speaker at the banquet. We are looking forward to meeting new people and supporting a clinic that helps take care of women and babies! Ever since I had Emerie, my momma heart is yearning to reach out to other moms and their sweet blessings.
On another note, we had a good weekend. We cleaned the house on Saturday since it was rainy and on Sunday I spent some time with one of my sisters. I also made this yummy soup in the crockpot. I used a variation of a recipe that I found online for Olive Gardens Pasta E Fagioli soup.... Love a good stew/soup on these cool fall days we are having!
Emerie had a great check up at the doctor's on Friday... although I do not recommend going to the pediatrician with a 16 month old alone, when the doctor is 1 hour behind, it's nap time, and they need 4 shots. Yikes. Checking out wasn't pretty. Although this sweet girl is... the more teeth she gets, the more kid-like she looks. Slow down please.

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