Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday!

So glad it's finally Friday! This has been a crazy week!! I didn't feel so hot mid week and I didn't get much sleep Monday night, so the rest of this week I've been trying to catch and up and today is the first day I feel like I have some energy. I'm linking up with Darci and friends for 5 on Friday.
{ONE} This weekend we are going hiking in the Shenandoah National Park.... we are going to hike Jones Run Falls. I've hiked it before and it has a beautiful waterfall. I think we are going to take Emerie so hopefully hubs can handle it! It's a fairly long hike but the weather is supposed to be beautiful! These pics are from the last time we hiked there...
{TWO} I'm hoping to try these easy apple pie snickerdoodle cookie bars next week. They look so yum! Phil's Nan cans apple pie filling so I am going to probably use that instead of store bought.... but I can't wait to try it. After my pumpkin chocolate chip muffin success, I realized that I enjoy baking more than cooking dinners. Sugar and carbs. Who doesn't love the end result of baking more?
{THREE} My youngest sister and her husband are moving this weekend (did I mention I'm going to be an aunt?? :)) and we are going to go down and help them move. Well... hubs will help them move, I will distract everyone with the adorable toddler. Girl never stops talking and it's unbelievable how many words she knows already! :) 
{FOUR} Halloween costumes are everywhere and I don't know which one to get for Emerie. I saw a cute Minnie Mouse one and she looooooves Mickey but she absolutely hates things on her head so I know she wouldn't wear the headband. Would she really look like Minnie without the mouse ears? Haha. Doubtful. In fact I don't know of many costumes that don't come with a hat or headband it may be hard to find a costume this year. Last year she was this sweet little lady bug!
 {FIVE} I've really enjoyed my women's Bible study on Monday nights and this Tuesday night we begin life groups. It will be fun to go to a life group with hubs (this is the first one we've joined). I'm looking forward to getting to know the others in our group and making new mutual friends.
Have a fabulous weekend!


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Your daughter is a doll, we have a Waverly and our second choice was Emerie. Love it!

Christina said...

Thanks! I love the name Waverly! Cute!