Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sweet Em is 15 months!

15 Months! I can't believe that my sweet little baby is 15 months old. Wasn't she just born yesterday? She is such a fun little person now. She talks constantly... she can repeat almost any word that you ask her to. She still loves saying baby doll after everything... all done baby doll! hi papa baby doll! no no baby doll! It's adorable.
She is a pretty good eater now. She will try just about anything but she doesn't always like it. She loves hamburger, any kind of casserole, avocados, eggs, yogurt, cheese, chicken, and applesauce. We still give her a pouch or two of the pureed stuff occasionally because she's not a huge fan of plain veggies. She loves her snacks... baby goldfish and Cheerios.
She still loves to walk and stand on her toes and looks like a little ballerina. We got her some new tennis shoes at the Stride Rite outlet and made the mistake of not making her wear socks with them... Man alive! That girl's feet. Let me just put it this way... when we take her shoes off she lifts her foot up and says peeee-yewwww! Today in the bathtub when hubs was washing her feet she said, "Pee-yew baby doll". Hysterical. I love her so much.
She loves to dance and sways back and forth and bounces up and down anytime that music is playing. She loves clapping and moving to the beat... she will even dance without music.... I can just start singing something random and she will dance to my voice. I can hardly wait to get her in a mommy and me ballet class. Daddy will probably protest the ballet lessons in favor of a softball bat or a basketball team but that's just too bad! :)
She can recognize people now and will call them by name (dada, mama, papa, nonna). She is so smart... she can tell you what a horse, cow, cat, dog, duck, and a sheep say. Her knowledge of things amazes me. She knows what lots of things mean now... I keep telling hubs that our kid is a genius. :)
She will sleep through the night occasionally... usually gets up once. I've gotten used to it but I would love for her to sleep through the night consistently... especially now that I am back to work. We just aren't good at sleep training... the whole cry it out thing doesn't work for us. We've attempted it but I don't like to lay there and listen to her cry. Maybe one day it will all just click for her and she'll sleep through the night without tough love.Wishful thinking? :) 
Happy 15 months sweet girl! We love you!

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