Thursday, August 8, 2013

End of Summer Mini Vacation

We took a mini vacation to the beach and it was wonderful! This was the first time Emerie had stayed in a hotel (she's stayed in a beach house before and in a camper but never a hotel). I was a little worried that she wouldn't want to go to sleep since hubs and I would be in the room with her and I was also concerned that we would be forced to have lights out by 8:30.... luckily that was not the case! Em was awesome the entire trip. She was an angel the whole ride down and at all the restaurants.
We stopped and watched a Circus at the Beach performer and Em clapped and yelled yayyyy a lot. :)
We went back to the hotel around 8:15, changed her into her jammies, nursed her and laid her in the pack and play... she was asleep within 2 minutes. Not only did she fall right to sleep.... she.slept.through.the.night. That's right, the girl who rarely sleeps all night, slept the entire night in the pack and play (with the light and TV on to start with!). So proud of my girl. She is made to travel. We had a lot of fun on the trip. Hubs and I went to college near the beach so we stopped at both of our alma maters on the way down. We didn't get out at hubs' school but we did at mine and I bought Em a little CNU shirt. So cute! We couldn't leave my college town without stopping at the best smoothie place ever (I'm sure I've mentioned my love affair with Tropical Smoothie in previous posts!). Em loved the smoothie!
We also stopped at a big outlet mall on the way home and I got her some new tennis shoes at the Stride Rite outlet. I'm sure she will grow out of them in like a week but I couldn't help myself. She needed some new shoes and they were adorable! She wasn't feeling the best on the way home so we didn't shop long. She was running a fever when we got her home so we gave her some meds and she perked back up. Hopefully it's just teething related. Here a few more pics from the trip.
 This makes me laugh so much. She freaked out when I gave the camera to a stranger to take our picture. This kid!
 She calmed down a little later and I asked someone else. :)
Had to include this picture... my girl is getting my naturally curly hair and it is so cute! The salty sea air agrees with her hair, it did not agree with my new bangs haha! :)

Also, I wrote a post yesterday on breastfeeding and published in kinda late.... you can find it here if you haven't read it!

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