Monday, August 26, 2013

Beautiful Weekend

This weekend was filled with gorgeous weather and lots of quality time with my sweet little family. Saturday we had a nice and slow morning. We drank coffee and hung out around the house. After Em got her nap in we went downtown... our town is so cute and quaint. It has been featured in several magazines, including Southern Living! My sister (who is on her way back to home right now, squeeee!) and I love to shop and hang out at the coffee shops downtown. We decided to take Em out so she could walk around and get some fresh air. She had fun running around... she rarely holds still for the camera anymore!
 Always on the go!
This sign was outside of one of the shops... I want this for my classroom door! Hahaha. :) Anyways.... we had fun downtown and we stopped by to see my parents later that afternoon. Sunday we went to church and then hung out at home most of the day. We took Em to the park Sunday evening so she could run around again (she could run around in our yard but the park is more entertaining).

 Best friends (Em loves to sit on Piper's back and bounce up and down)
 She will never look at the camera.
 Daddy's girl
Fabulous weekend! (If you are reading this post in Bloglovin' and several or all of the pictures seem to be missing, it's because Bloglovin' is annoying and it's some sort of issue that I have no control over. I have found the Feedly app to be much better! :) Feel free to check out this post on my actual blog.). Have a great week friends!

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