Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

I have lots of things on my mind this morning so this is going to be one of those random posts...
  • I've been thinking a lot lately about the foods we eat and how it affects our bodies. Has anyone tried clean eating? Where you cut out all processed foods? I can't even imagine where to start. I'm not a person who loves to cook. I love to eat but I don't really enjoy being in the kitchen making complicated meals. My go to meals are casseroles, crock pot soups and stews, and whatever hubs wants to cook on the grill. School will be starting in a couple of weeks and we will be back to packing our lunches and I want to come up with some healthy meals for our family. I know that Pinterest has a zillion recipes so I guess I can start there. I did make a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette pasta salad last week. 
  • Is anyone else as hooked on The Bachelorette as I am? :) I am not thrilled with her choices now... I preferred Zak and Juan Pablo but now I'm not sure whats going to happen since the guy she was going to choose decided he wasn't in love with her. I'm tempted to look up the spoilers online.
  • The weather lately has been awesome... the mornings have been cool... like in the 60's. I sat out on the deck yesterday doing my devotional and this morning Em and I went on a long walk. We will probably go see my parents this afternoon... maybe even go for a little canoe ride on the lake. The view from their new house is amazing... it sits right on the water... Dad is basically in heaven there... he loves the outdoors and was so excited about all the wildlife that he's seen so far... a deer drinking from the lake, a family of ducklings, 14 geese... This is the lake... you can't really see the house that well in this picture but you can definitely see how awesome the view is!
  •  I have finally been able to get in my classroom and do a little work. I basically pulled every muscle in my body moving all of the heavy furniture around but at least I was able to get started. As much of a pain that it is to switch classrooms, I am kinda glad that I did because it allowed me to clean out a bunch of stuff (that belonged to teachers before me). I feel like it's a fresh start.  
  • I have a much more serious post that I've been working on coming up. Things that have been on my heart and mind (that actually matter, unlike the random thoughts of this post). I haven't quite finished it though. Hopefully soon!
Have a great Tuesday!

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