Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time Flies

I never wrote a post/letter to Emerie for her first birthday (cue the mom blogger guilt). She will be 14 months old next week and has been doing lots of adorable things lately. So here is the latest on our sweet baby girl, in letter form, along with a few birthday shoot photos. :)

Dear Emerie,
You get cuter every single day and I can hardly stand it. I know I'm your mom and I'm supposed to say things like that but it's true. You have such a good personality. You love the dogs and laugh at them constantly. You also try to "sit on their laps". It's really precious. You took your first steps on June 18th but it surprised you and you waited until July 4th to really take off. Now you are walking everywhere on those chubby wobbly legs. You think it's hilarious for people to smell your feet and you love to stick your foot out for people to smell and say pee-yew!
You are also talking up a storm. You try to repeat everything that we say and love to talk to everyone. Whenever I am on the phone and I say "talk to you later" you start yelling bye bye!!! Usually I am on the phone with Nonni or Papa and they love to hear you say bye. You love the water and enjoy splashing in everything... your water table, the bathtub, the pool, even the dogs water bowl. You look adorable in your bathing suit too.
You still only have two teeth but your top ones are coming in. You look more and more toddler like everyday and it makes me sad (and happy b/c you are healthy and growing). You are a pretty good eater. You love yogurt, cheese, avocado, chicken, hamburger, stroganoff, spaghetti, and alfredo. Those are your favorites... you won't eat veggies like carrots or potatoes unless they have been cooked in meat (like a hobo pie on the grill or a pot roast). Daddy says you are a girl after his own heart. :)
You are still learning to share and be separated from Mommy and Daddy. You cry off and on in the nursery at church and usually throw a major fit when we leave but they can distract you with books. You love to read (a girl after momma's heart too!). You would rather play with books than toys. I love that.
You sleep through the night off and on. Sometimes you just need a snuggle (and a snack) with Momma in the middle of the night and I don't mind! You are still nursing but only at night, in the morning and sometimes right before nap time. I'll be sad when our nursing journey is over... I love that special time together. 
You bring us so much joy sweet girl. I could kiss your face off all day long. I love watching you grow and change. We love you.

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