Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One of those mornings

This morning has not started off the way I would have liked for it to! I let the dogs out and they took a super long time and when they finally came back to the house, our golden retriever (aka Emerie's best friend, as evidenced below) was covered in something disgustingly smelly. Ughhhhh... Cue the yells for the hubs to get out of bed b/c one of the dogs is going to need a bath asap! She is currently confined to the garage (the dog not the baby) until hubs can give her a bath outside in a little bit.
We don't have too many plans for this week... probably a cook out with my family on the 4th... Possibly taking Em to see the fireworks this year. I'm worried the loud explosive sounds will scare her though. One of Emerie's friends is having his 1st birthday party this weekend so we are going to take her to that... girl has a better social life than me! I have been so lazy this summer...
My Monday night consisted of watching the Bachelorette on the couch.... Have you been watching? Who do you love? I think Zak is so funny and Chris is definitely a front runner. Drew reminds me of one of the guys from 98 Degrees (do you remember that boy band? No? Just me then?!).
On a more serious note, hubs and I have finally found a church to attend and the message on Sunday really blessed my soul. I've been reading Ann Voskamp's blog (check it out, her words and stories are so inspiring) and there was a guest pastor from India who spoke on Sunday morning and it went hand in hand with the things that Ann has been talking about. God is definitely speaking to my heart... I am just waiting for more clarity. It has served to open my eyes at how fortunate we are here in the US. There is so much poverty in this world and if you are like me and have never traveled to those places to see it, it can remain out of sight out of mind. More on this subject to come...

Also to come... a review of our favorite baby products.... now that we have survived the first year of having a baby!
Have a blessed Tuesday friends!

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