Monday, July 8, 2013

On Baby #2

We've reached that point in life.... Emerie turned one in May and immediately people began asking when we were going to have baby number 2. Hubs and I have always wanted to have 3 (he says 4, haha) kids and I want them about 2 to 3 years apart but are we ready yet? I don't know. I miss the smiles of a sleeping baby, that sweet milky smell, and even that tiny baby cry. However, I'm enjoying seeing my sweet baby toddler marching around the house on those wobbly legs, hearing her repeat everything we say, and watching her in amazement as we ask her what sound a sheep makes or where her belly is and seeing her say/point to the right thing. It's hard to decide when the right moment is to add to the family and divide the attention between our first baby and the next one. Can I still enjoy my sweet baby while pregnant with another one? While exhausted and uncomfortable and through morning sickness (I was lucky and didn't have any morning sickness with Emerie but that doesn't mean the next pregnancy will be the same). I know people do it all the time. I also know how long it took us to get pregnant with Emerie, and I pray it doesn't take us that long next time.
I come from a big family, I have three sisters and we are pretty close... especially the sisters that are closest to me in age. I want that for Emerie as well. I want her to have siblings close in the age so that they can play together and grow up together. There are so many factors that go into having another baby... financial stability, and feeling ready emotionally and physically (lets be real, having a baby isn't easy on the body, women are amazing!). I know that if we were to get pregnant right now, Emerie and her sibling would be almost 2 years apart and she would be a little more independent that she is now (who am I kidding, a 2 year old is still demanding!) and it would be hard (okay, probably really hard) for awhile but both kids would be loved and adored. So I am torn between wanting to be selfish and savor Emerie by herself for awhile but the thought of adding to the family isn't far from my mind. We have a list of places and things that we want to take her to see and do with her but I am realistic enough to know that we won't be able to accomplish all of those things before adding to the family! So I guess we will see! :)
Me, Emerie, and my sister Holly at the beach last year. :)
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