Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feeling Good

I woke up this morning with contraction headaches and as I laid in bed I had this nagging feeling that I needed to get up and run. So.I.did. Yeah I know, I can't believe it either... out the door before 8 a.m. sans baby.... just me and my music running down the deserted street. Can I confess something? It felt good. What?! I know.... running and I are so love/hate. Today it felt good... aside from the fact that I couldn't get over my butt... seriously, it felt like I had two big buckets of jello bouncing around back there. It didn't use to feel like that! I blame the baby. Haha. Emerie gets credit for all of my body problems. Bags under my eyes? Getting up with the baby 5X last night. Sore neck/back? Picking up the baby too much. Jiggly posterior? Emerie force fed me two bowls of ice cream every day this summer. :) (by the way, at 14 months old are they still called a baby? toddler? and how long do you use months to measure their age? I don't want to be the mom that's all "yeah my baby is 73 months old".) I digress.... I don't want to get ahead of myself but I've been looking into 5K's for this fall... I have decided that I am only going to run in 5K's at the beach. Myrtle Beach, OBX, VA Beach, etc. If I am going to run, I should at least get a mini vacation out of it shouldn't I? Some people run for the medals, some run to beat their personal best times, I run for a weekend at the beach. :)
 My first (and only so far) 5K at the beach (in the blue shirt and black shorts, #1379)
Your blogs have inspired me to take better care of myself. Thanks for that! :) I even did my morning devotional before writing this post, because shouldn't I be opening my Bible before opening my computer? That's another area of my life I am working on. We finally found a new church and have been going to it for a little over a month now and it's awesome. The staff is so friendly and helpful and we are already starting to get plugged into areas to serve. My family was very involved in the church I grew up in. Finally finding a new church to call home makes my heart happy.
I'll be back tomorrow for 5 on Friday! Happy Thursday!

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Recently Roached said...

Don't you love that feeling? Your body just says "HEY! HEY, you! I want to run. Take me!" :)

I'm a runner, and it's been really hard to slow it down now that I'm pregnant. But so worth it :) I'm with you, girl. Running for a weekend at the beach is the best running reason I've ever heard! :)