Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday

I love Five on Friday's because I can empty my mind of all of the random things that I've been thinking about.
(One) Yesterday Emerie was pulling on a cord that was plugged into an outlet and I pulled her hand away and said "No, Emerie... don't touch, that will hurt you." She laughed at me. Oy. If this is a snapshot into what discipline is going to be like with her, we are in trouble! She thinks things are called "no". She pats outlets, pulls on cords, and plays in the dogs bowls and says "no, no, nooooooo!" That kid.
(Two) Greek yogurt. Yum. I've been eating the Dannon Oikos Banana Creme like crazy. So good.
(Three) I can't believe we go back to work in two weeks. Where did the summer go? My classroom isn't ready yet and I'm freaking out a little. They clean the rooms before we can get back in them to do our summer work days. My room hasn't been cleaned yet.... I had to switch classrooms this year so I have a lot more set up work to do and I'm trying not to panic but I've usually done my three work days by now! Prayers for me friends.
(Four) I have been feeling guilty about the amount of time I spend on social media lately. Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin, email, and Instagram. Ashamed to admit it, I spend more time on social media than I do reading my Bible and praying. I hate that. It's hard to change though... those things are so addicting and the Bible is complicated (but every word of it is more important than the words I read online). I think I need good devotional to help guide me. I'm thinking about getting One Thousand Gifts Devotional by Ann Voskamp. Do you have a favorite devotional?
(Five) I know tons of people have posted about the royal baby and honestly I didn't really follow along.... but I was relieved to see her post baby belly... She didn't try to hide it and she still looks beautiful. You don't leave the hospital looking like you did before pregnancy... you still look about 6 months pregnant and she owned it! :)
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Jenna Schaben said...

I am right there with ya girl on the littles testing our patience!! If they only knew that we were actually trying to protect them, then maybe they wouldn't always want to test our limits!!

As for my social media time...I agree 100% with you. I spend way too much time doing all of the above. It's actually very ridiculous. I feel like I need to do a detox of the above mentioned! Good luck to you on that journey!

harperandwill said...

I love the 5 on Friday link ups too! That's too funny about Emerie! When we tell little miss no, she starts crying and becomes really upset:(