Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welcome back?

It's been a long time since I have consistently blogged. For the first few years I blogged semi regularly... and then life got busy and I started to let the things that were important fall away. Writing was always a passion of mine. I loved to write about anything and everything. I did internships in Public Relations, I blogged, wrote in journals, wrote letters... words were all I had. I have never been the crafty one that Pinterest tells me I should be. I've never been the one who cooks fancy meals and hosts dinner parties. The one who completes all of the DIY projects. The photographer taking amazing photos, the athlete who just completed her 30th marathon. That's always made me feel a little bit guilty. Like I should be those things... the girl who knits her own baby clothes, makes her own jewelry, etc. But that's not who I am. Who am I? I'm the mom who is struggling to get her one year old to eat something other than yogurt and cheese, the mom who just has to laugh when she realizes that she and the toddler (should I be calling her that? Isn't she still a baby?!) are covered in poop from a major diaper explosion, the woman who on most (who am I kidding) all days doesn't even begin to think about exercising. After all, shouldn't all of the constant treks up and down the driveway chasing a toddler be considered cardio? While I've always wanted to be completely honest on this blog... how much do you really reveal to the internet world? How much of your personal life do you tell? Do you get caught up in how many followers you have? I would love to return to the blog world... to blog at least three or four times a week. Looking back at this little space, I see all of the fun memories that this life is made up of and I miss having the documentation. I haven't even posted my sweet Emerie's one year/birthday party recap. Hopefully that is soon to come... Welcome back?

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