Friday, June 28, 2013

5 on Friday!

It's Friday already?! The days all run together when school's out for the summer! :) This is my first 5 on Friday post... here goes!

1. I need the beach in my life... bad. I almost can't stand getting on FB because I am so green after seeing photos of everyone's vacations. Sun, salt, sand, waves. Wahhhh. Next month? Maybe? Hopefully?

2. I dread breakfast, lunch and dinner with Emerie! Feeding her has been a major battle lately... I've had so much food spit back out at me and thrown at me, I am practically begging hubs to feed her when meal time rolls around. I try not to take it personally, and I don't feel like it's my cooking she hates, I mean really, I don't cook that much! But her top teeth are coming in and she has been soooo picky with her food lately. It worries me a little bit because I have been trying to hard to make sure she gets all the fruits, veggies, protein, grains, etc. that she needs. All she wants to eat is yogurt, cheese, and avocado. At least she's getting dairy (and still nursing too) and fruit! Things have improved the past two days... I'm hoping they continue that way!

3. Date night is in my future. Hubs and I are planning a long overdue date night to dinner and the movies... I haven't been to the movies in so long... I think the last movie we saw in the theaters was Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell! Forever ago, I wasn't lying. Not sure what we are gonna see... The Heat?

4. We finally found a new church... it's bigger than I am used to but everyone is really friendly and the music is a good mix of modern and the older hymns that I love. The Pastor has had some good sermons that have started to inspire change in our family!

5. I have missed blogging... and I'm happy to be back! Even though I haven't blogged as regularly as I wish I would have, I've been keeping up with all of the blogs on my reading list. Google reader is a thing of the past... I've switched to Feedly and I'm loving it. What did you switch to?

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Have a great weekend!

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