Friday, April 26, 2013

Emerie: Months 8, 9, 10, & 11!

Dear sweet Emerie Ruth,
Everyday I look your sweet face and I can hardly believe that you are mine. I love you so much.
You have really blossomed the past few months. Shortly after Christmas you began to crawl. You saw a piece of string on the floor and had to see what it was. So inquisitive. Don't worry, mommy was so excited she saved the string! :) It only took a few days for you to get good at crawling,  you were zooming around in no time! You pull up on everything and jabber constantly.
Spring Break with Mommy!
 You still don't sleep through the night but mommy doesn't mind. She knows she will miss those middle of the night snuggles when you do. You have done so much better since we moved you into your nursery. You only usually get up once a night. You are getting so big... You are mostly wearing 12-18 month clothes now. You still love bath time and splash happily.

Those lips! Ah, I love you.
You began eating some table foods around 9 months. We started with puffs to get you used to chewing things and you did really well with those. You were resistant to table foods at first, making faces and pretending it was so awful but you are beginning to come around on things. You love alfredo, beef stroganoff, mac and cheese (anything with cheese!), yogurt, and avocado. You also love pancakes for breakfast!
Full of personality!
 You smacked the spoon! :)
You still purr, cluck, and yell ah ah ah! You also said your first word around 10 months... bye! You wave to yourself and it's beyond adorable. You always whisper bye when I hang up the phone with someone and sometimes I pretend to be on the phone just to hear you say it. You are so adorable, I could eat you up! You also blow kisses on command (you put that little chubby hand on your mouth and lick it). It is so sweet!
 Easter (you would not keep your headband on, you hate having things on your head!)
You pull up on everything and will walk around whatever it is you are holding on to. You have only recently started letting go of whatever you are holding on to and standing on your own for a few seconds.You will be walking before I know it!
Napping with daddy on Easter Sunday.
You've had a few play dates and parties, this was the day of a Minnie Mouse birthday party. Adorable!
You are the light of our lives (and Papa's life, that man is so in love with you!). I am so thankful that God chose you to be ours and us to be yours. We love you so much! The big birthday plans are underway! I can't believe my sweet girl will be one year old soon.

Love you forever,