Saturday, January 12, 2013

Emerie Months 5, 6, & 7!

Dear Emerie,
You have done so many new things the past three months. You talk constantly and you have what Daddy calls a war cry... where you yell really loud. It's adorable and everyone laughs at you when you do it. You've been saying lots of dadadada and Mommy has been trying to teach you mamamama but you don't quite get it yet. You still like your bath and we have started putting some bath toys in with you because you sit up so well and like to play. You love your doorway jump up and talk like crazy when you are in it. You still love the dogs and laugh at them often (especially when we feed them popcorn).
You have been sitting independently since about 4 and a half months but you are really good at it now.... you even pull yourself over to the crawling position to try and reach things that you want. You still haven't crawled forwards yet... you go backwards though. You love to bang on things and you like anything musical. Your face lights up when your toys turn on and music begins to play.
(your first Halloween, Mommy's ladybug)
You were a champ at all of the holiday functions... you went to to all of our Christmas functions with no fussing and little to no naps both days! You haven't been a great sleeper but the past week or so you have only been waking up once or twice a night (minus last night, but I blame it on New Years Eve, you didn't want to miss anything).
(You went with Mommy to the polls and "voted" in your first Presidential election)
(First Thanksgiving)
You started solids right after Thanksgiving (Mommy made it to her goal of exclusively breastfeeding you for six months!). You didn't care too much for rice cereal but you have loved sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, bananas, apricots, and pears. You hated green beans (Mommy tasted them and they were gross!) and you don't seem to love peas but we just started them yesterday so we'll see! You tried oatmeal but were kind of indifferent to that too so I think I'll add some fruit to see if you would like that better.
 You have settled into a good routine with Mrs. Kim while mommy is at work.. you've been taking good naps for her but you don't nap for Mommy and Daddy unless we are holding you. You nap good for Papa on Friday's but he holds you! You are still nursing like a champ and you've recently been introduced to a sippy cup and some water. You are mostly interested in chewing on the spout of the sippy cup... I blame teething but we have yet to see a tooth!! Where are they? You are generally a very happy baby... you very rarely cry, only when you get sleepy. You've also started to become Miss Independent. You don't like mommy to hold you at night when you are trying to fall asleep now... you want to lay beside me or lay in your crib. You started sleeping on your stomach around the six month mark and you have slept so much better since then... it scared Mommy at first but after a week or so of tummy sleeping Mommy has adjusted! You had your first cold around six and a half months and thankfully it was just a snotty nose, no fever and no cough or anything. You also recently got your flu shot booster and you didn't even cry! What a brave girl we have.
Your weight has been right on track... you were sixteen and a half pounds at your six month appointment and 25 and 3/4 inches long. Your head size was in the 80 something percentile... all those brains! The doctor again said you were perfect and she said she was very impressed with your sitting capabilities.

 (Christmas morning photos, you listened to the story of Jesus' birth before opening your presents. You got lots of technology, baby laptop, cell phone, and remote, you love them all!)
I just asked Daddy if he could think of anything else about you that I should mention in this letter and he said not to forget to tell you how beautiful you are. You are sooooo beautiful. You have the biggest blue eyes and the cutest chubby legs. Everyone compliments you wherever you go. You are the most adorable thing. Mommy still kisses your face off every second she is with you. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you so much sweet girl. It has been so much fun to watch you change and grow... the past few days have been some of my favorite days... you are starting to notice so much and I can really see that object permanence has set in because even when I move things from your view you still know that they are there and try to get them (mainly my iphone and the TV remotes). I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us as a family. We love you to the moon in back!!
All my love forever and always,