Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emerie Months 2, 3, & 4!!

To my sweet girl,
I'm sorry I haven't written you a letter over the past three months... I've been so busy spending every free second with you that time slipped away from me! You have done so many wonderful things over the past few months. I can hardly believe how much you've changed!
You smile non-stop and almost anyone can make you smile. You giggle and have the cutest belly laugh I have ever heard (August 22 was the first time). You've only given us the belly laugh a few times so I am looking forward to hearing it more frequently!
You are a rolling machine. You rolled over from back to belly on Sept. 8 for the first time and Mommy and Daddy were both there to see it. You roll over ALL the time now... especially from back to belly. When we try to change your diaper you flip over and that adorable naked baby butt is in the air! We are so proud of your accomplishments and love seeing you learn new things. You stare at everything now and are constantly looking around and following things with your eyes. You are also a drool monster and love chewing on everything (especially your hands).
You have also found your feet and as soon as we lay you down to change your diaper your feet fly up to your hands and sometimes you stick those pretty toes in your mouth. You are still a good eater and you weighed 11 pounds 13 ounces at your 2 month check up and 14 pounds 8 ounces at your 4 month check up. The doctor was very proud of you too... she said you are perfect! She also said we could start feeding you solids any time but we are going to hold off for another month or two. I'm pretty sure you are ready for solids because you stare at our food when we eat and chew on everything you come in contact with. But since you are gaining weight well and you seem satisfied with breastmilk, the doctor said we could stick with that until six months.
You still like your baths and you are no longer in the bath hammock but sit in the baby tub! You have been doing fine at the babysitters house but you still don't have a good nap schedule in place. We are working on that! You had been sleeping through the night since you were four weeks old but when mommy went back to work you decided to wake up once or twice a night every night. We are working on that too... Mommy made the mistake of picking you up as soon as you made a sound and just recently discovered that if I don't pick you up you will go back to sleep within one minute! It's a learning process for us all!
You took your first vacation to the beach and got to spend your 4 month birthday at a beautiful beach house in the Outer Banks! We have so many adorable pictures of you from that trip!
You have also discovered your voice and squeal all the time! You have also started noticing the dogs and laugh at them a lot! =) You are wearing six months clothes right now... mommy's big girl! I am sure there are tons of other things I could say about you but I'll save those for the next post. We love you so much sweet girl and I thank God for you I can't imagine life without you. You are so amazing! Love, love, love you Emerie Ruth!
To the moon and back,
Mommy <3>

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