Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Whew. Life has been crazy. Emerie is 4 weeks old today, she will be one month old on Saturday. Crazy. Time is flying, a little too quickly if you ask me. She has changed so much in the past month. She is the most amazing gift! We love her to pieces. She has really started showing personality lately. She is starting to coo and smile and she has even begun to follow things with her eyes. She loves her playmat and grabs on to the toys that hang from it and gets really excited and makes tons of cute baby sounds. She eats like a champ (and latches on like a barracuda!) and goes to the doctor tomorrow for a weight check. We suspect she is between 9-10 pounds already! Her daddy and I are so proud of her little accomplishments so far.. she rolled over from belly to back today! So advanced for her age ;-) She also loves her baths (most of the time). We are so in love with her! We had pictures taken this week and she screamed bloody murder through the whole photo shoot. Thankfully our photographer was so patient and was able to get some good shots.  Here are a few that I love!
 This foot photo is my favorite (and is now my new blog header!).
 Proof that she cried through the photo shoot:
She's still beautiful even when she cries! =) 

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