Saturday, May 19, 2012

39+ Weeks and Hopefully Last Bumpdate!

39 weeks and 3 days - only 4 days til Due Date!!  (Maternity photos taken at 37 weeks)
Size of Baby: 
Two doctors have guessed she is at least 7  to 7 and 3/4 lbs right now and will probably be 8 lbs! Yowzah! =)
Belly is still stretch mark free. =)
Weight has leveled off finally! I've gained about 35 pounds. Hope that melts off soon after her arrival!
Braxton hicks on and off.... minor cramps/pains occasionally.... no labor contractions to speak of! Come on already! =)

Watermelon.... I love me some watermelon right now. Chocolate and decaf coffee. No aversions to speak of.
Still waking up to go to the bathroom 2-4 times a night.... baby girl definitely knows where my bladder is!
Emotions: Anxiously waiting for something to happen. At my last few appointments I've only been 1 cm. and 50% effaced so I am not going to request a check at my 40 week appointment Monday. Too discouraging. I'm just waiting and wondering which day will be the day. What will happen? Will I know for sure that it's the real thing? Or will I be that girl who goes to the hospital and gets sent home? What will my labor and delivery turn out like? So many different scenarios can happen and I am just wondering which path we will travel to bring our sweet girl safely into this world! We are over the moon excited that it is so close but we keep telling people she will probably be a week late. Most people say first babies are and we don't want to be too disappointed if she doesn't arrive on her Wednesday due date! So we have convinced ourselves we've got at least another week of waiting!
Fetal Movement:
Still moving a lot....feeling lots of body parts... elbows, knees, feet, butt....She is running out of room!
What I miss:
Non-maternity clothes, deli sandwiches, being able to reach my feet and get up without having to roll over first. =)
Milestones: I guess my milestone will come on Wednesday of this week... May 23 = Due Date! I will start my maternity leave at work on Friday if she doesn't arrive before then! Only 5 days (or less) left with my kindergarten kiddos and then I am free to spend a blissful summer with our sweet girl! Come on baby girl, we are ready to meet you! =)

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