Monday, April 30, 2012

37 Weeks = Full Term Baby!!

31 weeks - My best Rachel and I after my baby shower!
 33 Weeks with Mason- Easter Weekend
 33 Weeks
 33 Weeks with Piper
 I am now almost 37 Weeks and have no recent pictures to show for it! Once I take one I'll post it!
Size of Baby: 
She is weighing more than six pounds at this point! I go to the doctor tomorrow for my weekly appointment so I'll ask the doctor his guess! (PS. Can you believe I'm already going to weekly appointments?! 3 weeks to go!!)
Belly is still stretch mark free. =)
Oh my lanta. The weight gain is crazy! I think it's somewhere around 35 pounds.Yikes!! In my defense- everyone keeps saying it's all belly. If that's the case she is gonna be a huge baby!!
Braxton hicks on and off.... minor cramps/pains occasionally....

Still junk food... chocolate milk shakes, Snickers candy bars, cookies, haha. Hello reason for the weight gain! I also really love fruit, BBQ, and chicken alfredo!
Still waking up to go to the bathroom 1-3 times a night.... I have a cold right now so that has kept me up some.

So excited to meet her! A little nervous about the whole labor and delivery thing but anxiously awaiting her arrival. I'm relieved that we are almost full term (Wednesday) and that if she decided to come earlier than her due date she would be healthy! Bring on baby! =)
Fetal Movement:
Still moving a lot....feeling lots of body parts... elbows, knees, feet, butt.... and hubs loves to feel her move and watch my belly move around when she does. She is so big now that when she moves one part of her body I can feel the rest of her body move some too!
What I miss:
Regular clothes! And deli sandwiches! I can't wait to chow down on those in 3 weeks!
Milestones: Reaching full term!! Yay!!! She is head down and I'm 50% effaced which I know doesn't mean a whole lot but it's progress people! We have our hospital and diaper bags packed!
Other random updates and pictures:
We finally have everything that we need for our sweet girls arrival. We got the stroller/car seat combo this past weekend and I ordered my breast pump! We also had our maternity photos done tonight and I can't wait to see them! Although our photographer is going out of town for a week so you may be seeing pictures of our sweet girl before you see our maternity photos! =)