Sunday, March 18, 2012

30 Weeks!

 30 Weeks!
Size of Baby: 
She is weighing around 3 pounds or more and is about 18 inches according to the What to Expect App on my iPod.
Still no stretch marks on my belly! The two at the top are another story.... geez. They can stop growing anytime now!
Definitely all maternity clothes now. I got some cute dresses and have been able to wear them this past week due to the warm weather we've been having! Yay! And weight....... at Tuesday's appointment I was up 24 pounds! People keep telling me it's all in my belly and nowhere else... I keep reminding myself of that each time I step on that scale!
Braxton Hicks out the wazoooooo.  Most days I have one every hour or two, some days I have four or five an hour, especially in the evenings. Don't worry, I've already been to the doctor to make sure they weren't dialating my cervix and thankfully they are not! I also have noticed some shooting pains and what feels like side stitches.... oh the joys of round ligament pain!

Junk food. It's all I want... chips, cookies, candy bars, and ice cream. I've also been eating a lot of salad and pizza and string cheese. 
Thank goodness for my body pillow. After the time change it took me the entire week to adjust. I just started sleeping a little bit better the past few days. Also, I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or because my leg is tingling from the heaviness of my body laying on that side so I have to flip over a lot.

Feeling more and more ready to meet her (even though I know she needs to stay in there at least 7 or 8 more weeks). We've been taking childbirth classes and I'm not sure if all of these videos they are showing us are helping me or scaring me! The transition phase of labor looks soooooo scary. Haha. I'm also feeling excited because our shower is this weekend, yay!
Fetal Movement:
Still moving a lot.... she is head down so I feel her feet/hands/knees/elbows on my left side and she also likes to stick her butt up (which is near the top of my belly). It's so funny to be able to feel body parts now. She provides me with endless entertainment!
What I miss:
Jeans that don't slide off of me when I stand/sit. Maternity jeans are driving me crazy. I am constantly pulling them up because my big ol' belly pushes them down. Now I know why old men wear suspenders! 
Milestones: Reaching the 30 week mark and knowing that she will be here sooner rather than later! Also knowing that she is head down and hoping she stays that way!
Other random updates and pictures:
I passed my glucose test! Yay! And the nursery is looking good! We've washed a lot of clothes and put things away. W still haven't decorated the walls yet but when we get things closer to being done I'll post pictures! The picture below is 29 weeks!=)